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First, if you're not comfortable with a Unix command-line interface, stop immediately.

Execute dune_service_telnetd.dsf on the Dune, and telnet in. Login as root, no password needed. This telnetd will only survive until the next reboot. To make it persistent, create an empty file:

touch /config/telnetd

You can find the System Storage (if present) at /persistfs.

Some Russians have installed Optware onto Dune, which enables easy installation of lots of precompiled packages.

Some other Russians have this package of utilities for Dune, including some very handy dsf files that do not require installation. Description of DSF library (translated from Russian)

See this thread on thttpd (mirror of binary download) which will let you run PHP scripts from a webserver on the Dune. Though it will presumably break the built-in IP Control.

Download and compile dsf_pack.c (or alternate location). Using this, you can unpack, edit, then repack most of the DSF files out there, official or unofficial. Most of them are simply shell scripts.

You need a Linux box as your compile host. If you don't already have a PC running Linux, download VirtualBox (free) and install Ubuntu Server.

Next, install the CodeSourcery toolchain for MIPS processors. Specifically you want version 4.3-154 which is what the Dune has. (Doublecheck if this is still the correct version: on Dune, cat /proc/version.)

Now, you're ready to compile. If using GNU autoconf (and almost all Unix software does) you want something like:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/dune-install --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --host=mips-linux-gnu CFLAGS="-EL -march=74kf2_1 -mdspr2"
make install

Then poke around $HOME/dune-install and copy the appropriate file(s) to the Dune.

One time (e2fsprogs) I had to add LDFLAGS="-EL -march=74kf2_1 -mdspr2" to the ./configure line.

Sigma-specific Linux kernel sources are available from Dune and might be needed (to compile kernel modules, for example).

The DSF file can also be a compiled program.

Even better, use makeself to create a self-extracting archive containing scripts, binaries, etc. With this, you could automate the process of installing software onto the Dune.

This is how I made my rsync installer.

All about DSF file hacking