Buy Visitors from the VK identifier ( vkhunter | lidx ) and download


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Easy, convenient script that will face visitors to your site for free.
The system allows a maximum result automatically track visitors to your site from the social network Vkontakte, get a reference to the profile of history and page views on your site.

You will be able to contact the visitor directly to the site and offer your goods and / or services. Find an individual approach during personal contact, to find out the reason why the man changed his mind to make a purchase, and ultimately close the deal. Or, visitors to collect IDs and use any third-party software, for example, to automatically folovinga, sending messages, etc.

The theme is very popular, more and more sites use such a service, and, of course, there are lots of services that offer it:

But all of them are paid. In the main contact for each time you need to pay 4.8 rubles.

Our system allows you to:

- Not at all loads hosting and does not affect the speed of loading pages;
- Is used to store MySQL, and automatically creates the SQLite database file;
- The functionality of the system is assembled in a single file (+ configuration), which can be run from any directory of your site;
- After loading, the system is automatically set in a single click, the whole setup process takes just a couple of minutes;
- Using the system, you will have many times more contacts and sales, an excellent base for further analysis and warning systems;
- For longer require any investment, there is no monthly fee. Bought system and use without restrictions.

The script has the following features:

1. Defines the name, a link to the profile VKontakte;
2. Get information about birthdays, floor displays and visitor photos;
3. Allows you to create streams for segmentation and analysis of the base of visitors;
4. Allows you to specify an unlimited number of their own status to sort contacts (new, start chatting, sending an offer, payment, Merged, etc.);
5. Conducts detailed statistics page views a visitor (time and page url);
6. Filter the data streams, status, gender, period of activity, name and surname;
7. Is able to download data to a CSV file to be able to use any software for working with the VK (Sending messages, add to friends, sending a photo / video, huskies and any other action).