Sideload Apps to the Amazon Fire TV using Windows | Sideload Fire TV


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Learn how to sideload Android apps to your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick using a Windows computer. Amazon has given Fire TV owners the ability to easily sideload .APK files to their device. The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. Since the Fire TV does not have touch screen capabilities, only certain Android apps will run correctly on the device (click here for a link of recommended apps to sideload). Mac users can use this tutorial.


1. Go to Settings

Amazon Fire TV Settings

2. System

Amazon Fire TV System

3. Developer Options

Amazon Fire TV Developers Option

4. Enable ‘ADB Debugging’

Amazon Fire TV  ADB Debugging


1. Go to Settings

Amazon Fire TV Settings

2. System

Amazon Fire TV System

3. About

Amazon Fire TV About

4. Under ‘Network’ – Write down the IP Address

Amazon Fire TV Network


1. On your computer, download and run the ADB installation here.

Install ADB 1

2. Type ‘Y’ and hit Enter to install ADB and Fastboot.

Install ADB 2

3. Type ‘Y’ for the ADB system-wide installation and again for the device drivers installation.

Install ADB 3

4. You will prompted to install the drivers. Confirm and install the ADB drivers.

Install ADB 5

Install ADB 4

Install ADB 6


1. Open ‘Command Prompt’

Command Prompt 1

2. Type in,

adb connect IPADDRESS

and hit Enter. Type in the Fire TV’s IP address (from earlier) instead of IPADDRESS. ‘Connected to IPADDRESS:5555′ will appear upon successful connection.

Command Prompt 3

3. Download the Android’s app .APK file and remember it’s location within your computer. In terminal, type in,

adb install C:\filepath\filepath\filename.apk

and hit enter. The installation may take some time depending on the file size. I installed XBMC (50mb) in this example and it remained on this screen for about 5 whole minutes before the success message appeared.

Command Prompt 4

TIP: To easily find the file path for the .APK file, right-click the file and go to “Properties”.

Sideload APK 1

The file path is located in the ‘Location’ field.

Sideload APK 2

4. Upon successful installation, the following message will appear.

Command Prompt 5

You can access the app under Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications

XBMC on the Amazon Fire TV