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IMPORTANT: The add-on will not receive any more updates and will stop working by next November with Firefox 57! Click here for more info.


Contact Info: For reporting problems and bugs, or if you have comments or suggestions, please either send me an email ( or go to and create an issue, this is so I have a way to communicate with you if I need to.

Australis was the code name of the current Firefox theme, which first appeared in Firefox 29. It was an almost complete overhaul not only of the general look of the main browser window, but also of the underlying customization system. This add-on aims to fully and seamlessly integrate with Australis, while at same time provide a different, and hopefully better, feel when using the browser.

Slim Chrome: Compress the top toolbars, including the location bar, into a tiny bar at the top of the browser, to save screen space and display web content to the maximum!

- To access the toolbars, just move your mouse to the top of the window, or hit F6 to focus the location bar, and they will roll out in front of you.

- The navigation bar can optionally be set so that it won't hide with the other toolbars. In this case, it will remain at the top of the browser like before, and only other toolbars, such as the Bookmarks Toolbar, will be hidden.

- A mini bar, containing the current location, will appear when you change webpages, or when you are typing passwords, so that you are always sure of where you are.
-- This mini bar can optionally appear when the cursor is on any other type of input field.

- In addition to its corresponding option in the add-on's preferences dialog, Slim Chrome can be enabled or disabled through the toolbars context menu, and through a customizable keyboard shortcut, which by default is F9.

- There are many appearance choices available (see screenshot), and also many different animation options. Try them all and choose the combination that best suits your taste!

Sky Lights give you readily accessible information about the current website without having to constantly show the toolbars, as a form of visual aid neatly packed into a small area at the top of the browser.

Included Sky Lights:

- Site Identity
-- Clicking the light will open the same informative popup that usually opens when you click the identity box in the location bar.
-- In case firefox blocked any content from loading for your safety, you can unblock it via clicking the light as well, just as you would by clicking the shield icon in the location bar.
-- Important: the location bar, with the currently visited URL and the identity box next to it, provides crucial security information, to let you know that you are always where you should be and that it is safe to be there. Therefore, the add-on will not allow you to disable both the Site Identity light and the mini bar when changing locations, otherwise you won't have access to this information if the toolbars are hidden. Likewise, neither feature is needed when the navigation bar isn't included in the hidden toolbars, so they won't be enabled at all in that case.

- Bookmark Page
-- An equivalent to the Star icon of the Bookmarks button; indicates whether the current page is already bookmarked.
-- Clicking the light will bookmark the current page, or open the Edit This Bookmark panel if the page is already bookmarked.

- It is possible for other add-ons to add their own Sky Light, if they wish to fully integrate with Slim Chrome via this system. Please visit the following page for more information and, to add-on developers, for easy to follow instructions on how to do this:

Enhance your Awesome Bar: the location bar is affectionately referred to as Awesome Bar by the good folks at Mozilla that develop it, for doing so much more than just taking you to a web address. Type in any words and it searches your recent history, your bookmarks, other open tabs, searches the web using your favorite search engine and can even show you suggestions to search for.
Now you can truly bring out the best of it. Use it and abuse it!
- Select which types and limit or increase how many suggestions to show you as you type in the location bar.
- Right-click any suggestion to immediately paste its value into the location bar, so that you can quickly copy it or use it with another search engine.
- Place your search engines in the location bar's panel, and click any of them to immediately open the search results for what you typed.
- You can right-click a search engine, or use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down on your keyboard (Command+Up and Command+Down on Mac), to define another search engine to be used by default until you select another one.
- Take full advantage of these suggestions by customizing them to your taste, from several different styles and color themes based on frog's AwesomeBar Popup userstyle and my own personal tweaks.

Adaptable Search Bar - keeps your Search Bar synchronized with your web searches, it will always reflect the term used when browsing any results page from a search engine.
- Optionally show the search bar only when on a results page and when it's not empty, giving it a more informative role. If you try to type in it, it will take you to the location bar so you can search from there instead.
- In the future there will be some sort of ability to add your own custom rules for other search pages. For now, if you'd like to see any other search engine work with this feature, just let me know.
- Currently supported search pages: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, DuckDuckGo, eBay, MercadoLibre, Twitter, Wikipedia, Facebook, IMDb, YouTube, Baidu.