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Links Organizer is a feature-rich and intuitive program designed to offer a quick method of accessing, verifying, and removing invalid links from various locations of the system.

It also provides a scheduler to check if updates are available for different pages or apps. The tool can send notifications with the found results using a specific sound, and look for duplicates in the computer.

It's wrapped in a well-organized and clean interface divided into two parts, one with a tree structure on the left side of the window, and the other that shows a more detailed view of all the files in the selected folder.

Add and organize documents

You can either use the tree view to find what you need or create a new task by specifying the name, path, parameters, working directory, and optionally a short description. Plus, it's possible to import and export documents to CSV and TXT formats.

From the menu, a distinct folder may be added to the scheduling list. You can select the verification time and frequency (daily, weekly, or yearly), as well as ask the utility to delete empty items and notify you of any outdated links by playing sound or sending emails automatically.

The find function helps you look for a distinct record by matching the case or the direction. Right-clicking on a file brings up a menu, where you can copy, cut, paste or move items to different directories, edit task properties, delete or run jobs.

Look for updates and manage settings

It's possible to hide the tool, folder and status bars to create a less cluttered layout, validate only specific links or all of them, as well as pause, resume or stop the operation. Links Organizer lets you manage the settings for the process such as changing the links of relocated records and the root of the server, or updating page titles.

The list of results can be cleared anytime, and the duplicated items can be erased one by one or all at once. In addition, you can configure the tool's properties, like sending it to the systray, loading it at startup, disabling exit confirmation messages, and managing the categories to display at startup.


To sum it up, Links Organizer is a straightforward and approachable utility that comes in handy when you want to check for outdated files, URLs and empty directories in your hard drive, manage and remove those you don't need, and run updating operations to find broken items.