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ShortStop is a revolutionary new product that helps protect you against shorts that my develop when you’re using high power lithium ion cells(batteries).  The really neat thing that ShortStop brings to the table is that it does not self destruct after protecting you, and it can simply be reused over and over again after only a short cool down period.  Using ShortStop is very simple, you just place it between your battery and whatever that battery is powering.  You may insert ShortStop in any orientation and it will work just fine, it has no polarity.  You can also place ShortStop at either end of the battery ( positive or negative ).  When we use the term battery we mean the single or multi-cell collection that makes up your ‘battery’, that means if you are using more than one cell, then both cells combined would be the ‘battery’.


Each ShortStop is individuality sealed in static resistive packaging(That’s why it’s pink.).


You can click this link and download the  ShortStop Instructions  (Adobe PDF).


Detailed Information:

ShortStop works up to 12 volts DC, and  trips at approximately 5 Amperes.

ShortStop is approximately 17mm(0.66 in.) in diameter,  and only about 3mm(0.11 in.) thick, so if it fits, it works.

The time it takes to intervene depends on how much current the battery is pumping through it, if you exceed 5 amps by a large margin it will react much faster than if you only go slightly over 5 amps.  Using the standard test that ANSI/NFPA 70 (the national electrical code) specifies, it will limit 8 amperes within 5 seconds starting from an ambient temperature of about 77 degrees Fahrenheit ( 23 degrees Celsius ), however at 10 amperes, it will intervene in about 1 second under the same conditions.  The long and short of all of that is that your ShortStop will react faster to bad or dead shorts because your battery is going to be delivering a tremendous amount of current.  This helps to prevent your battery ever getting hot enough for the chemicals inside to get to a temperature that would cause them to vent or catch fire.  The other great thing about the technology we employ is that it more or less is electrically invisible when you do not need it.  It adds less than 0.01 ohms to the circuit when it is not active.  That means that when you are using your device the ShortStop will not be eating up power when it’s not needed.

ShortStop is constructed using RoHS and PbFree methods (in otherwords a lead free process ).  Our PCBs are finished in silver, and our solder is completely lead free, we also go to the extra measure of using ‘no-clean’ type products, that do not cause us to use solvents that are harmful to the environment to clean ShortStop.  ShortStop is hand assembled and packaged in our facility in Florida.


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