Торговый робот (Expert Advisor) Gegatrade Pro


GegaTrade Pro is a master at staying away from High Impact News and Weekends, therefore staying away from uncontrolled Volatility.

David has been great as well, we got into a little argument in the beginning about getting setup then, after that we worked it out, talked about it, and worked it out like two adults, and we really appreciate his great attitude. Our testing results have been great with GegaTrade Pro, LIVE and DEMO BOTH... especially after rebuilding our account, after trying to start with $1,000(NOT RECOMMENDED AMOUNT) it grew to $1,700, in less than a month... Then, the next week we were in fear of losing it all! We contacted David for help and he reminded us about the $3,000 at least, Starting Balance and we knew.

So, we ended up salvaging account down to $1,400 and grew it with our Manual Strategies to get it to the $3,000 mark for Automation.

Now making over $1,000 a month. I would advise $5,000 balance for ABSOLUTELY NO FEAR, You'll still be fine with $3,000 but, if it's negative -$1,000 it might scare you a little, never really goes over that, unless your modifying and trying to do your own settings or something like that.

So, Yes, we do recommend Gegatrade Pro. Happy Trading Everyone. Thanks again David.