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This article lists the various utilities that are available for interacting with the CodeProject content. 


These utilities are provided by community members, and are not maintained by The Code Project. These utilities may cease working if the main CodeProject website changes its functionality, pages layouts or any of the underlying links, styles, or content. 

If you find problems with any of the tools, then bring this to the author's attention via the discussion section at the foot of the relevant article. The author may or may not continue to develop or support the utility at his/her discretion. 

If you know of others, or have created one yourself, leave a message in the discussion area below, and they will be added to the list at some point..... 

The Utilities Offline Article Editor For CodeProject> An offline wysiwyg editor to backup, edit or create new articles for CodeProject. Huseyin Atasoy CPVanity A viewer for CodeProject's recently introduced reputation information; futile, but fun Luc Pattyn CPVanityLite This is a lightweight version of Luc Pattyn's popular CP Vanity application Nishant Sivakumar CPVanityWP7 A quick and dirty port of CPVanity to WP7 Don Kackman CPForumAnalyzer This is an unofficial Code Project application that can analyze forums over a range of posts to retrieve posting statistics for individual members. Nishant Sivakumar CPPostsAnalyzerWP7 This is a WP7 application that will analyze your most recent posts and give you summarized statistics on your forum wide posting split up. Nishant Sivakumar CPNewPostsMonitor This application monitors for new posts in the Code Project forums. Nishant Sivakumar CPRepWindowsGadget Windows 7 Gadget that scrapes your reputation points and graph and tracks changes between updates. DaveAuld CPTemplates Google Chrome Extension that provides Message and Answer templating. DaveAuld CPRepWatcher Google Chrome Extension that scrapes your reputation points and graph, and tracks changes between updates. DaveAuld Reputationator Keep more detailed track of your Codeproject reputation points. John Simmons / outlaw programmer CPAM3 New and improved! Keep an eye on your CodeProject articles without having to log onto CP. John Simmons / outlaw programmer CPForAndroid Droid App for Interacting with CodeProject JoeSox CodeProject New Questions Tracker An application that displays a notification when a new question is posted on CodeProject. Uses the API to fetch recent questions. ProgramFOX


  • 12th April, 2015 - Added CodeProject New Questions Tracker
  • 3th February, 2013 - Added Offline Article Editor For CodeProject
  • 27th August, 2011 - Added CPTemplates
  • 14th August, 2011 - Added Reputationator
  • 2nd May, 2011 - Added CPForumAnalyzer
  • 27th January, 2011 - Added CPPostsAnalyzerWP7
  • 21st December, 2010 - Added CPVanityWP7
  • 11th December, 2010 - Added CPRepWindowsGadget, Replace CPAM with CPAM3
  • 22nd November, 2010 - Added CPVanityLite
  • 22nd September, 2010 - First version of article