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Why not spare your hearing with Acoustic PC’s Quiet Computer Cooling and Soundproofing
Solutions. Acoustic PC Stocks Quiet Computer Parts: Quiet PC Fans, Quiet CPU Coolers, Quiet
Power Supply, Quiet Computer Cases, PC Sound Dampening insulation, Ant-vibration Noise
Reduction materials such as Silicone Fan Mounts, Sorbothane Feet for Ultra Low noise PC's. We
also sell Silent PC Hardware components and Gaming products such as Fanless Silent Video
cards, SSD Drives, Professional Gaming peripherals for serious Gamers. Audio products & more.
"Silence your PC."
AcousticPack Ultimate PC Soundproofing Material Kits for a noiseless computer
system. Use the finest computer sound dampening acoustic materials available at
AcousticPC - AcoustiPack Soundproofing by Acousti Products. AcoustiPack acoustic
treatment is a acoustic insulation specifically designed for quiet computers. it’s the
perfect solution to quiet down your noisy PC enclosure or server cabinet, at home or
at the office work-place. Effective absorbing acoustic sound barriers are used inside
the acoustic foam to absorb maximum sound, making an excellent choice for
recording studios, or any audio and video applications.

Proudly manufactured in the USA

Acousti Products silicone fan gaskets are simply the best.

Available fan gasket sizes:  120mm, 92mm, 80mm, 70mm, 60mm and 40mm.

Effective? - Yes, these are simply the most effective yet! Why are these silicone fan gaskets especially
effective? Because we have not held back on the silicone thickness and the silicone material softness. All
gaskets are 2.5mm thick (not just 1mm like alternatives), and Shore A 40 (a great deal softer than others
we have tested). We are confident that these two factors make these gaskets more effective than any other
models available.

Why are these FAN Mounts any better than Others?
We have chosen an ultra-soft silicone polymer because it is softer and more chemically stable than cheaper
and inferior alternatives like rubber or EPDM. Cheaper alternatives can leach oils and tend to more readily
degrade over time - they also tend to be more reactive with some plastics (wires etc.) than silicone. Silicone is
non-toxic, more chemically stable, and can also tolerate higher temperatures - so it is a superior material for
this particular use.

Why Acousti Products ArrowHead fan mounts?
Theye are truly 'ultra-soft' and flexible - these mounts are designed to help reduce the transmission of fan
motor vibration... helping to eliminate every last dB of PC noise. Quick & easy to fit as a 'no-vibration'
alternative to fan screws. These AFM02 mounts do not require any case modifications.

Say NO to hard PC feet!
Available in clear translucent and black. A great deal of PC case feet are solid plastic, or
(at best) very hard rubber and therefore do a good job of transmitting unwanted vibrations
from inside a PC via the chassis/case into the desk, floor or shelf on which the system
sits. In this situation, where the case is in direct contact with the substrate, the PC can
generate annoying noise elsewhere (secondary noise). AcoutiFeet MULTI-PURPOSE feet
also protect surfaces areas from scratches...

Acoustic Feet Quiet PC Feet are made of a special visco elastic ultra soft silicone. High
quality 3M high-end adhesive is used so they really stick on and stay on, and when you
decide to peel them off they will not harm the surface material.

Introducing Arctic Silver 5 PolySynthetic Thermal Compound
Arctic Silver thermal Interface material code name as5 & ArctiClean Thermal Cleaner & Purifier used by gamers
overclockers all over the world the ultimate cpu cooling thermal compund material & Surface cleaner p/ purifier.
Arctic Silver 5 With its unique high-density filling of micronized silver and enhanced thermally conductive ceramic
particles, Arctic Silver 5 provides a new level of performance and stability.ArctiClean, the first retail product to
emerge from the union of Arctic Silver and Nanotherm technology. ArctiClean has ant-corrosive properties as well
as purifying agents that help reduce corrosions as well as remove residue from cleaning solution thus increasing
cooling performance by providing excellent heat transfer for optimal CPU cooling.  
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Noctua NF-P12 Sound Optimized 120mm Vortex Design Quiet Cooling Fan
The NF-P12 has been specifically developed for applications such as CPU coolers, heatsinks in general that demand
superior pressure and airflow performance. Thanks to psychoacoustic optimizations like the
Vortex-Control Notches,
the new
SCD Drive System and Noctua’s unique premium-grade SSO-Bearing, the NF-P12 achieves exceptional
quietness and long-term stability.
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Noctua NH-C14 Low Profile Quiet CPU Cooler
Followed by the huge success of the predecessor NH-CP SE14 Noctua has out done them selves again with the
NH-C14 Super Cooler also providing a  downward draft design thus providing cooling to your valuable
components. However the
NH-C14 Do to it’s  flexible design with dual 140mm cooling fans you can remove the top
fan for maximum top clearance or the bottom fan can be removed for RAM clearance if needed and for optimal
performance use both included cooling fans.
Announcing the Noctua NF-F12 PWM Quiet Cooling Fan
The Noctua NF-F12 PWM Focused Flow fan is a highly optimized, premium quality 120mm quiet computer fan. This
PWM fan is designed for pressure demanding applications such as heatsinks and radiators.
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IC Diamond 7 Carat highest Performance thermal compound
Inovation Cooling presents a new innovative technology that highly improves CPU cooling performance by
using crushed diamonds as it's main ingredient. Product Name IC Diamond 7 Carat - Thermal interface
material out-Performs silver based compounds such as Arctic Silver 5 yet is non thermally conductive!

Profesional Cabinet Cooling System...
Looking for a profesional clean looking cabinet cooling kit. The iXtream pro series cabinet cooling fan kit
makes an excellent choice for wall units, cabinets, enclosures of all kinds. A superb choice for Audio &
Video Home Theater systems, chassis or any where where additional cooling is requiered. This luxiurious
unit provides dual cooling fans & grills and with plenty of room to expand up to a total of 5 cooling fans.
Should you need additional fans check out our
IXA-AFK Additional Cooling fan Kit.    

Silenx iXtrema Luxurae Hard Drive Silencer, Cooler, Enclosure
The Silenx Luxurae is the most feature-rich and sophisticated 5.25" hard disk silencer case/enclosure - it is a
premium quality product for customers who demand the best. Inventer SilenX comments that it is the highest
quality product that they have released to date. Includes Heavy Duty high-end Acoustic Sound dampening foam
as well as heatsinks that transfer the heat from the drive to the included enclosure silencer reducing activity
noise to levels that are close to drive idle levels.

World Finest and Quietest Power Supply 16 Dba Even Under 50% load!
Available in both Gold & Platinum certified Seasonic is the very first full 100% modular multi-output ATX,
high-wattage power supply that has ever obtained the
80PLUS® Gold and platinum certifications
introduced by Seasonic this coveted power supply is named “X” and is initially offered in a 650 Watt  and
750 watt versions to fulfill computer enthusiasts’ need for an ultimate power source.  Featuring a patent
pending design of “DC Connector Module with Integrated VRM”, the Seasonic X Series quiet power supply
is set to achieve both near-perfect DC to DC conversion and fully modularized design without
compromising efficiency. As a leading provider of silent power supplies Seasonic this time around delivers
a true breakthrough solution for thermal and noise management. The XP Platimum Certified Energy
Efficient Clean Power  Series adopts a clever “Hybrid Silent Fan Control” fanless power supply design,
which offers three distinct operation modes, fanless mode, silent mode, and cooling mode.
Zalman ZM NC3000 Series Laptop Coolers
The all new Zalman Laptop Cooler Provide quiet cooling performance. Intake Airflow, acomidating from 15" to
17" Wide-Screen Notebook PC's. The awesome Notebook PC cooler comes in two models
ZM-NC3000U &
ZM-NC3000S Both a-like the U-ULTRA and the S-STANDARD model Provide superb quiet high-performance
Notebook cooling thanks to a huge 220mm laptop cooling fan with speed control for quiet.  
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When Silence Means Everything!
XFX R7 250 Fanless Video Card is the first silent video card in this generation to use a passive heatpipe
and heatsink cooler to deliver totally silent cooling, and increased reliability as it has no mechanical
moving parts, offering lightning fast 1000 core clock speed. It shares all the AMD features technologies
along with the highly acclaimed GCN graphics processing architecture making it ideal for Multimedia,
Gaming - HTPC's, and any general purpose PC where operational noise needs to be kept to a minimum.

Our Mission: Acoustic PC is on a mission to develop the quietest, most energy efficient and most user friendly computers. We are thankful to
those of you who have purchased our computer noise elimination accessories, PC noise prevention products and computers system, as well
as all who are visiting our website for the first time. At we want to harmonize a computer’s infinite functions, and make your life
more comfortable and enriching. In order for us to achieve this goal we must first be able to reduce noise. No one knows quiet computing like
we do and we want our customers to take advantage of that. We encourage you to read our informative
Silent PC Guide article on the benefits
of quiet computing. The guide will help you choose the best Quiet PC parts for your particular application. Our philosophy is that computers
should be seen and not heard. With our  unique combination of high-end premium quiet PC cooling products and computer sound-dampening
solutions we can achive this goal and no longer have to sacrifice poor performance for quiet computing again.

Why AcousticPC? We are a top notch supplier of the quietest computer components available making our products an excellent choice for
audio and video production, professional gaming peripherals for serious gamers. By selecting our top of the line products, you can decrease
and even eliminate computer noise in your current computer. By paying special attention to your hardware, you can quickly pick out your noisy
hardware like your power supply, your computer fans, video card cooler, hard disk drive (HDD) and CPU cooler and much more and change
them to our quiet products. Don’t be afraid to look around our site and pick out our products. You can be sure that everything on our site is top
of the line, and quietest as well as the highest performance computer hardware products, so you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong
product. With the addition of AcoustiPack acoustic insulation for noise elimination, and Acousti Products anti-vibration products for fans and
quiet cases and much more you can quickly get rid of the excessive noise your PC is making. Acoustic PC stocks quiet computer hardware
upgrades for home, business, research, and educational facilities! The hardware listed on this site is ideal for multimedia computers for
recording audio, computers that are used to play CD's, watch DVD movies, home entertainment and gaming systems, television, music, audio
and video production, theaters, radio stations, customer service applications, word processing, programming, design work, for computers left
on for long periods of time, schools, reception areas and retail establishments... Or Anywhere a Acoustically sound PC is needed...

The Silent PC Mouse...
The all new Nexus mouse SM-5000 series ultra quiet PC mouse is an advanced 2.4G wireless silent laser 1600DPI
mouse which connects to your Desktop PC or laptop with a low profile super small nano receiver. You will be amazed
how much more relaxing this mouse is without the annoying clicking sound. It works for TV- and music-studio
engineers and presenters working with audio and video production or anywhere silence is required.

Nofan - NO Fan, NO Noise
After the departure of cooling specialist Zalman in 2006, it's founder spent four years and
millions of dollars on researching and developing his new idea for a next generation in
advanced cooling technology using a wickless heatpipe. The theory was already done, but
no-one had managed to make it work in practice. His work finally paid off, the patents were
granted and in 2011 and so the ICE-PIPE was born and ready for commercial launch
under the new company name Nofan; (although for a short time it was first known as
Nofen). Here at Acoustic PC we are delighted and honored to have opportunity to offer
Nofan's fanless totally silent computer products, bringing the Nofan ICE-PIPE fanless
CPU Coolers, Nofan fanless Power Supply units (PSU), Nofan PC Cases and Nofan
pre-built systems to market place in the form of high-performance dust-free, energy
efficient absolutely silent PC components.

Acoustic PC is the leading provider of PC products that help your computer become cool and quiet. Ideal for people seeking to have a more
enjoyable working environment. You don't have to sacrifice poor performance for quiet computing anymore. At AcousticPC we offer premium
quality high-performance quiet computer hardware such as; quiet computer case fans, quiet CPU fans, fanless CPU coolers, quiet power
supplies, soundproof quiet computer case, fanless video cards and computer sound dampening materials for silent systems. We also offer a
full line of quiet peripherals such as; quiet computer mouse, quiet keyboards and more.
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Why is having a Silent PC important?
Noise is a huge distraction especially when working on an critically important projects. One may also need a quiet computer or completely
silent PC if one were recording and editing audio and performing other jobs that require zero noise because of highly sensitive equipment
such as microphones. Noisy computers have even been linked to health issues and proven to affect creative thinking and the creative process.
Silence, in general, helps promote healthy computing habits and increases productivity levels in the work place. For more detailed information
on how to build a quiet computer or even a totally fanless silent PC, we encourage you read the following informative articles:
How To Build A
Quiet PC & The Silent PC Guide. Also check out our new ultra quiet Intel socket 1150 CPU fans.

If you need more expert advice contact one of our Acoustic PC specialist directly.  Email us or call (786) 342-0920

Nexus Prominet R Silent PC Case
Simplicity at it's very best... The New Prominet R provides a near silent operation and is prepared to take on
the most powerful hardware, the Prominet R is able to keep high-end setups running cool and quiet. Acoustic
Sound proofing material on both side panels assist in vastly in reducing un-wanted sound levels. A sleek
elegant mesh front panel, and clean lines present a minimalistic design aesthetic that speaks to its silent
interior. The benefits of sheer elegance and silence, packed with features and combined with the functionality
of built in Super Speed USB 3.0, makes the Prominent R an excellent choice among its kind. A truly quiet
computer case.

FUNC - Gaming Functionality Perfected
Weather your a Gamer or just some one looking for a high-end precision PC mouse, headset,
keyboard, and mouse pad FUNC is a must have. Providing the worlds most ergonomic and precise
peripherals is theri business, such as the FUNC MS 3 Computer mouse. FUNC also offers products
such as pixel accurate mouse surfaces  in various sizes to further enhance usability.