Tampa News Station Warns People Might Be Using E-Cigs For Illegal Drugs


omicron-jr-2Despite any real evidence that such a thing is happening, WFTS News Channel in Tampa, Florida ran a piece stating that electronic cigarettes were being used to consume illegal drugs — specifically marijuana.  The piece was titled E-cigarette vapor devices being used to smoke pot, authorities say.

You can read the piece right here.

In it, writer Adam Walser claims that the mostly odorless vapor makes electronic cigarettes more discrete than marijuana or hash cigarettes.  He then states the following:

In the Tampa Bay area, law enforcement agencies say they haven’t made many arrests involving e-cigarette type devices so far, but it’s a trend they are closely watching, as e-cigarettes become more popular nationwide.

So despite nationwide popularity of the devices, not a single arrest has been made in the area for use of illegal drugs in electronic cigarettes.  This is not unlike when a school created a policy against electronic cigarettes and argued that because no one had seen e-cigs in the school, the students must be using them for their ability to avoid detection.

The only quote in the entire article that remotely supports the idea that e-cigs might be used for illegal activities comes from a vapor shop owner in St. Petersburg, FL.

“There’s a lot of people who try to abuse it,” said Barry Gray, who owns Smoker’s Vapor…

 Even Walser writes that stores generally won’t sell e-cigs to anyone under the age of 18.  But he makes sure to hammer on the point that they could be sold to kids under the age of 18.

Maybe electronic cigarettes are being used for the consumption of illegal drugs.  If so, one would hope that an article like this could find evidence as to where and how it was happening and maybe ask a government representative how they plan to fight it.