Sigelei #19 Tips, tricks, and DON'Ts


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DON'T try and use heat to remove that bottom magnet *without* removing the brass post from the delrin!!!!

Yeah, I know... Common sense, right? Well... let's just say my delrin suffered a mishap in the name of science ;)

I actually tried to wiggle it out with pliers, as I had seen on the tube and read about from others. My magnet would NOT budge. Ok... so just a touch of heat, right? Whipped out the old bic lighter and gave it a quick pass or two under the magnet. The delrin melted like a snow flake hitting hot steel! 8-o

I've managed to rebuild some of the melted delrin with a hot glue gun, and it worked(!!!), but intend to go parts shopping at my local hardware store for at least a grommet or nylon washer that can go between the bottom of the battery and the delrin firing pin well.

Next I tackled the magnet again (since I'd already heated it) with a bigger, better pair of pliers. Rather than coming all the way out the top most half of the magnet split from the bottom part still inside it's cozy, brass hidey hole like a kid taking apart an Oreo cookie leaving me with a magnet that was almost flush with the brass. :facepalm:

I tried not one but THREE titanium drill bits (it destroyed them all), I tried a hammer and a cold chisel, I eventually even tried pitching it against a concrete wall out of frustration!!! Finally I figured it out ;)

TIP: To remove the bottom magnet (this will ruin it so consider yourself warned), while holding just the BRASS piece (no delrin!!) in a pair of pliers I heated the magnet with a butane hobby torch until it was just starting to glow a bit in the center... then I quickly stuck it under a faucet of cold water. It made a *POP* sound and the magnet had actually popped out of the brass fitting, on one side, making it easy to remove it the rest of the way once it had cooled. I cleaned up the socket it had sat in with some light sand paper followed by a quick alcohol rinse (to remove any glue) and viola!