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If you are an achievement maniac but have trouble finding all the world boss spawns needed for some achievements in the hunting category, then this guide is for you.

I have all the hunting achievements done myself, but it's been months since I did them. The info here may not be 100% accurate, maybe patches changed some respawn timers, or boss positions, but I think that's pretty unlikely. Another thing is that I painted the locations all from my memory, which is sharp but I may have misplaced a boss a few meters here and there ! Don't kill me please D:

Regardless, the guide should still be mostly accurate so it's a great starting place to get the general idea of them bosses anyway !

All these bosses spawn on all channels not just 1 like rumors say (unless a patch changed this after I did them). If a boss is only up on 1 channel it probably means others are not up - not that it spawns only on 1 channel. Note that their location and respawn timers are random. While some bosses only have 1 possible location, others have more than one spot where they can spawn. I also included the respawn time for each boss, may not be 100% accurate but it should give you a general idea. When I say for example 6-24, it means random respawn time between 6 hours to 24 hours.

Video guide here



Arakia, Ovolith, 6-24

Lanok, Giant, 6-24

Barraq, Kumas, 6-24

Atrocitas, Firmbrilisk, 6-24

Deathglare, Basilisk, 6-24

Abraxis, Crab, 6-24

Tabruk, Vulcan, 12-24

Trunus, Lizard, 6-24

Solrachnus, Arachnen, 6-24

Divine Reaver, Vulcan, 12-24

Kanash, Crab, 12-24+


Andras, Golem, 6-24

Terkasia, Medusa, 6-24

Kestol, Naga, 6-24

Teriak, Giant, 6-24

Dulagoras, Orisk, 6-24

Nyxarras, Dracoloth, 12-24+

Huzrat, Bloodtalon, 12-24+

Kelthuzad, Vulcan, 12-24+


Betsael, Firmbrilisk, 12-24+

Yunaras, Barsicore, 12-24+

Linyphi, Ovolith, 12-24+

Maeve, Arachnen, 12-24+

Draelteryx, Argon Raptor, 12-24

Hursaras, Argon Robot, 12-24

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