Nokia: MWC 2015 Live blog


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01:48PM EST - It looks like that's a wrap.

01:42PM EST - The experience of N1 users will be a big part of determining its future as well as the future of other Nokia branded mobile devices.

01:41PM EST - According to Rajeev, the N1 is Nokia dipping its toes in the waters of licensing their brand.

01:40PM EST - Nokia is being asked about plans to expand the launch of the N1 tablet.

01:36PM EST - Rajeev believes that the internet should be open, but that some services do require more data usage to function effectively.

01:35PM EST - The US net neutrality debate has been brought up

01:34PM EST - Nokia is now taking questions and answers from the press.

01:33PM EST - One final note from Rajeev is that 2015 will be Nokia's 150th birthday.

01:31PM EST - Nokia predictive marketing is a new platform that analyzes data to help companies build marketing platforms.

01:30PM EST - Nokia is definitely undergoing change as both the market changes and they as a company change after their restructuring.

01:28PM EST - Interesting to see Nokia discussing CO2 emissions for base stations.

01:26PM EST - Nokia is working on LTE-M demos to reduce power usage and make LTE viable for embedded connected devices.

01:25PM EST - Nokia believes that the transition to the cloud is less of a threat to their business, and more of an opportunity to disrupt others.

01:23PM EST - Rajeev is now discussing the questions facing companies with software being more of a focus than hardware moving into the future.

01:20PM EST - Nokia hopes to significantly increase the scale of Nokia Networks as more of the world becomes connected.

01:18PM EST - Nokia believes that in general, there are many areas where connected technology will become a big part of improving efficiency and safety to improve the world.

01:17PM EST - Autonomous cars could reduce fatalities caused by crashes, and reduce CO2 emissions.

01:16PM EST - Nokia believes that technology will be a big part of improving driving safety.

01:15PM EST - The programmable world would involve technology improving areas like water management, healthcare efficiency, etc.

01:15PM EST - Nokia hope to move into what they are calling the "programmable world".

01:11PM EST - Nokia is working in the development of various new technologies. H.265 video encoding, Graphene circuits.

01:08PM EST - Rajeev is discussing Nokia's growth in enterprise.

01:05PM EST - The event has begun. Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri takes the stage.

12:53PM EST - The event should be starting in a little over five minutes from now.

12:53PM EST - While Ian and Andrei are covering the Samsung Unpacked event, I'll be covering the news from Nokia's press conference.