Nunu Build Guide: Nunu - Ice Cold Killer: AP laner by Dorian182


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This guide explains which items, runes, and masteries to take when playing AP Nunu. It also contains information on how to play Nunu most effectively.

My Experience:
I have played over 5000 games as Nunu in my many years playing League, both ranked and normal. Although I primarily play Nunu AP for fun in normal games now.

This guide has changed a lot since it was first created, and I try to keep it as up to date as possible.

I should also note that the guide is intended to appeal to as many players as possible not just those that are diamond or think they are - I want everyone to be able to appreciate Nunu - my favourite champion ever.

If you have any ideas on improving the guide, questions, or just general feedback then don't be afraid to comment!


I'll attempt to answer any questions you have here, so ask away in the comments.

Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells

Teleport is helpful when solo laning so you to quickly get back to your tower. It also allows you to get around the map extremely quickly - a well placed ward can get you lots of kills and assists. For example a ward placed in a brush bot lane lets you teleport behind the enemy and using Absolute Zero when they retreat, giving you a potential double kill in the process.

Flash is almost a must for Nunu, not only because it allows you to escape ganks and flash over walls, but because it can help you cover the extra distance you may need to land that last ice ball, or position perfectly for an ultimate.

Ignite is a useful replacement for teleport, if you're not laning alone then take ignite, it's useful for those situations when your Ice Blast just doesn't do quite enough damage, allowing you to secure the kill on a fleeing enemy. It's also good when laning against champions that have heals.

I would not advise any other spells, but this is just a guide, not a strict set of rules. Really I'd advise that you find two spells that you're comfortable with and try them out.

Late Game

It is difficult to predict how a game will play out late game, so try and adapt as best you can, practice makes perfect in most cases.

The most important aspect of late game is working well with your team mates, don't go solo into unchecked bushes, try and ward Baron Nashor and Dragon if they are not already.

Also for what I would call 'super-late game' 45 minutes+ it is really down to team work and team composition.

Late game is all about adapting to your enemies team build and strategies - this comes with practice and hard work.

General Tips

- Warding is underrated not only can it give you an easy kill it also protects Nashor and Dragon, and in many cases stops you and your team mates from being ganked.

- Don't be afraid to defend it's better to hug the tower and not die than feed your enemy.

- Team work is key, always be aware of your team and what they are doing! The mini-map is there for a reason.

- Don't get angry at yourself/team mates, we all have bad games even the highest elo players in the world have loss streaks, it's about pushing on through and learning from your mistakes.

- If a team mate is flaming ignore them by typing '/ignore [Player name here]'.

- Practice. Practice. Practice. If that doesn't work - practice some more!

Adapting for Success

This is where you can mix the build up depending on how things are going, many of us will play hundreds of games on LoL, no two are quite the same. This is why it's important to remain flexible with your build depending on who you're playing against.

If you are having trouble farming then get a Ancient Coin.

If the enemy team is crowd control intensive and AP heavy (they have lots of stuns and slows) then take Mercury's Treads instead of Sorcerer's Shoes.

If they are stunning and AD heavy then I would suggest still taking Sorcerer's Shoes but getting Ancient Coin in place of the second Doran's Ring and then upgrading it to Talisman of Ascension towards the late game.

Most importantly: Use your own judgement, there are thousands of combinations of teams on LoL, do your best to judge what will best counter the enemies specific team. As I have said before this is a guide not a strict set of rules, the more you play the better you will get! (Hopefully).


I have loved playing Nunu ever since I started League - I hope this guide helps you love Nunu as much as I do.

If you have any feedback do not hesitate to add me in game or comment below, I am always trying to improve the guide, and the way I play so your comments will be appreciated.

Change Log

11/11/2017 -

Updated Runes to reflect new Season changes - will keep experimenting and try to improve tihs.

09/10/2016 -

Updated the item build and made some revisions to the text to take into account the recent buffs to Nunu that happened in patch 6.20. Enjoy :)

15/10/2011 -
Edited the item build as to have a better late game.
Added a short 'Runes and Masteries' section.
Extended the friends and enemies section. (I will do this more in the future.)
Added 'Change Log'.
Added 'Your Videos' section.

16/11/2011 -
Fixed some details
Changed the mastery tree for Season 2.

31/01/2012 -
Updated Mastery tree, now uses summoner insight
Updated the Rylai's Scepter question.

02/08/2012 -
Added a short section on recent buffs.

30/12/2012 -
Redone Masteries and Item build for Season 3
Added a new Video in Tips section.
Will be updating the other Videos soon.

7/03/2013 -
Updated the Video Guide for Season 3.
Re-worded large sections of the guide to make things clearer.
Changed the order of the Chapters.

2/06/2013 -
Changed runes from Mana per level to flat Armour
Added information on changes to Nunu's consume in the 'regarding buffs' section.
Updated the item section.

2/08/2013 -
Removed Bulwark and updated item set.

19/01/2015 -
Re-wrote and updated every chapter.
Removed Video Guide chapters - these will be updated at a later date.
Changed the item build for the new season.

07/02/2016 -
Updated Masteries and Items for Season 6 - will update written segments soon.

28/02/2016 -
Updated items and some descriptions based on feedback received. More to come soon. :)