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Uridine monophosphate is an extremely diverse molecule, with bodily functions ranging from signaling the formation of new neurotransmitter synapses to being a building block in cellular RNA. Research indicates that using this supplement benefits cognitive performance in addition to supplemeneting brain health.

Common dietary sources of uridine include bovine liver, fish, yeast, mushrooms and cruciferous vegetables. [1] Uridine monophosphate has better bioavailability than dietary sources of uridine. Taking omega-3s (fish oil) can further enhance this bioavailability. [2,3]

Uridine and Cognitive Performance

Uridine supplementation can enhance supplement performance in a variety of areas thanks to it acting as a neurotransmitter while also playing crucial roles in bodily processes. [4] This cognitive supplement benefits learning, memory, attention span, and spatial learning. [5,6,7]

This supplement enhances learning and memory by supplementing the production of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. [7]

This nootropic supplements learning and memory even further by promoting the formation of new synapses; in a sense, more synapses can equate to more mental capacity. [8] First uridine promotes neurite (the projections that come off of neurons) growth. These immature projections develop into synapses shortly thereafter.

This product further supplements this process exponentially by aiding in the formation of the building blocks of the cells that form neurites. [9] Thus, it not only tells the brain to create more synapses, but it also supplies the building blocks to make the synapses.

Uridine monophosphate promotes healthy attention span and spatial learning. [10] It’s affects on attention span are likely due to this powerful nucleotide acting as a potent dopaminergic modulator, since dopamine levels are correlated with attention span, mood, and motivation. [9]

Uridine and Cognitive Health

Uridine monophosphate may benefit cognitive health in addition to cognitive performance. Seeing immediate results is awesome, but seeing long-term results is a lot more satisfying. Uridine helps maintain cognitive health via two mechanisms: improving phospholipid content of cell membranes and acting as a neuroprotective agent.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC), which is a type of phospholipid, is required for cellular health, and synaptic function. [9] PC production requires CDP-choline, while CDP-Choline production necessitates an ample supply of uridine and cytidine. Usually cytidine is the rate-limiting factor in CDP-Choline production; however, uridine can convert to cytidine as well. [11]

Supplementing with this product aids in the creation of an ample supply of precursors to maximize CDP-Choline production, thus resulting in an increase in overall PC and phospholipid synthesis. [11] If we were to go back to our support beam analogy, uridine acts as the clay that the bricks are made of, while the bricks represent CDP-Choline.

Another mechanism through which this nootropic may demonstrate long-term cognitive benefits. [4] Uridine supplementation may supplement synapse formation due to it benefiting neurite outgrowth. [8] Furthermore, increased P2Y2 signaling supplements the destruction of beta-amyloid proteins. [4]

Uridine Monophosphate Dosage

The recommended dosage range is between 150 and 250mg, up to two times a day. The best course of action is to start at the lower end of this spectrum and then work your way up if desired.

Curated Reviews

“I tried this after reading how much people like it on reddit. I took it alone (sublingually) separate from my regular stack. The effects are subtle (just like most powders if you’ve been taking them for a while), but I judged it to be effective. I was getting things done, feeling upbeat and it seems to be an appetite suppressant.
I created a secondary stack with it:
150mg Uridine
300mg NALT
150mg PICA
It tastes slightly salty… baking soda-ish, not unpleasant and it dissolves immediately.”
– S. G.

“I have been using this for 6 days with great results. I use it with Fish oil and it produces synergistic results. My overall mood seems very positive and happy. It also seems to have enhanced my memory slightly. In a nutshell, this product has improved my mood, well-being, verbal clarity, memory and focus at a dosage of 150mg.”– Lucas A.



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