Gimbal Holder for Feiyutech Mini3D Drone by SuperRoach


I saw the GoPro Karma and felt like the killer feature was the Gimbal Stabilizer could be taken off the Drone and held like a normal one as you walk around - cool feature!

The Feiyutech Mini3D is a cool and relatively cheap piece of kit you can mount on to a drone. I took it a step further and made this mount to be able to use it by yourself.

I learned a lot in OpenSCAD to make this design be possible - and I've tried to allow settings for a range of t hings like the size of the battery compatment and your velcro width.






25 Percent


As long as you use Supports to hold the structure and lay it flat (rounded side should be facing upward).

The Supports will hold up the battery compartment.

The uploaded STLs here are based on the dimensions for this battery.

It's run for about two hours now, I'll need to do better stamina testing another time.

I recommend you use the OpenSCAD file to make an adjusted version for your own battery you will be using.

Get a Velcro strap (normal size is 220mm), and start by routing it through the two handle halves. with it snugly in place, it should hold the battery in. Continue routing through the gimbal to attach it, and you may need to get creative with the velcro attachment but it does work.

Lots of revisions in OpenSCAD! The file could do with some cleaning up, but uses a bunch of modules to create the end result. I want it to be usable by someone else with a different size battery (and maybe in the future different Gimbal on the top!

The Top Mount Attachment

The top mount attachment (Yellow in one of the pictures here) is an attempt to make a design that could hold the Xiaomi Yi even stronger, and be adaptable to any other kind of gimbal that could sit on top.

It has a secondary purpose of letting you fit electronics in it - I've used an Arduino Pro Mini with headers controlling (via PWM) the pan/tilt/yaw and Mode of the gimbal. Makes it much more practical this way.

I've uploaded the code needed and documented that process more here: