[ROM]★★[4.2.1][CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0][ODEX/DEODEX][Jul 20]★★


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Instructions here




If you are currently unlocked and are coming from the updated 4.2.1 / Asus Stock ROM then you will need to flash a custom recovery like TWRP:


If you are already rooted then use goomanager to install the latest TWRP via the menu and install open script


Download the Install Recovery package below, extract it somewhere and run the Scott's TF700T Recovery Install Tool.bat file whilst your Tablet is connected to your Windows PC.

It should install TWRP for you.

Install Recovery Tool DOWNLOAD

STEP 2 TF700 ONLY – I have a custom recovery installed but not the latest bootloader

If you are currently unlocked and on a JB 4.1.1/ based custom rom like CleanROM Inheritance 3.x and have a custom recovery installed:

I recommend you install the appropriate Bootloader Recovery package below as the safest route to upgrade to CROMi-X. This can be flashed from any custom recovery

TF700 World Wide WW SKU Users: WW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 1 WW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 2

md5: 360f9b58318425eca0aadb1ebfaa25b6

TF700 North American US SKU Users: US Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 1 US Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 2

md5: 5e567c2318c8af8e05b805e7ae491d33

TF700 Taiwanese TW SKU Users: TW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 1 TW Bootloader and TWRP DOWNLOAD 2

md5: 93f54b868d30412cdc66a60b14ac2b23


After flashing your device will reboot back into your normal ROM but you will be on the new bootloader and have TWRP installed

Now proceed to STEP 3

STEP 3 - TF700 / TF300 / TF201 - I'm on a 10.1.6.x Bootloader and have a compatible TWRP installed

Download the package below and save to your internal or external SD Card.

Boot to recovery (Power and Volume Down and hit Volume up on the RCK icon in the 10.6.1.x bootloader screen)

Make a Nandroid Back up of your current setup

Navigate back up to install

Choose the CROMi-Xenogensis zip file and follow the instructions


I recommend you do a full wipe if coming from another ROM. Choose Wipe – Factory in TWRP. Do not do a full wipe from the bootloader.

You can restore data from Titanium Backups but please do not restore system data or apps from a previous version or another ROM if you want a nice clean smooth upgrade experience.

Don't forget to do a Nandroid Backup first and give the ROM 10 mins to stabilise!

• CROMi-X is a stock based ROM designed from scratch from the TF700 ASUS Stock Jelly Bean 4.2.1 WW release and 10.6.1.x bootloader. It has its roots in the original CleanROM by scrosler
• CROMi-X is targeted to towards the user that wants a ROM with the ability to pick and choose the options they want!
• CROMi-X is tuned for performance and built for stability!
• CROMi-X is true to stock in looks!
• CROMi-X can be provisioned for US and non US – World Wide (WW) editions during the install process
• Thanks to scrosler, elesbb, pjc21, _that, flumpster, timberwolf671, Robgee789, elfaure, That’s OK & Thibor69 for their invaluable help in making this possible!
All the testers; Goddly, Mikaole, nick1213, joelalmeidaptg, TechXero, gvsukids, maxal, jaxboater, jtrosky, MartyHulskemper, primaleph, tiernan22, Tylorw1. Thank you so much for your patience and testing!
Additional thanks to all the File Hosters: TechXero, Tylorw1, workdowg and Phoenix-Lead!
• A huge thanks to @ nomad10002, @ Mackis, @ mikmock, @ RagingHarry, @ sgkla, @ okantomi and @ jtrosky for donating too much money to my CROMI projects!

BOTH 4.1 and 4.2 GUIs are available - use settings - launchers to switch
• ODEX/DEODEX version available.
• Aroma Installer with the following options:
• Locale: US or WW
• DPI Size: 213 (TF700 recommended small fonts), 240 (Stock fonts), 224 (Medium fonts) & 200 (Tiny fonts)
• Kernels: _that/ stock modded kernel variant based from ASUS Stock & sbdags ASUS Stock Modded Kernel
• Launchers: Asus Stock, Apex , Nova, ADW, Go Launcher HD
• Boot Animations: Asus Stock, Nexus 7
• Google Apps : Multi DPI Play Store, News & Weather Genie, Gmail, Maps, Talk, YouTube, Google Now and Voice Search, Google Music, Street View for Maps, Document Viewer, Gallery, Picasa
• Asus Apps: File Manager, App Back Up, App Locker, My Cloud, My Net, SuperNote, Video Editor, Web Storage, My Frame, My Dictionary, Splashtop, My BitCast, My Library (Asus Reader – only works on 160 DPI), Screen Saver, Asus Live Wallpapers (Asus Day Scene, My water & My Water II),Parental Control
• Apps Removed: Google Plus, Kindle, Chrome, Press Reader, Vibe, Zinio, CM Client, DM Client (calling home apps), DRM Content Provider (No use on an unlocked device)
• Misc Apps: ESFile Explorer, Adobe Flash, AdAway, Titanium Backup, DropBox, DSP Manager, Beats DSP Manager, Rebooter, LMT Pie Control, Keyboard Manager
• File system and performance tweaks!
• Init.d support!
• Zip align on boot!
• Advanced Power Menu
• Auto Brightness reconditioned (Brighter at lower light levels for IPS+)
• Notifications for sd card, micro sd, dock etc can be hidden
• 4.1 or 4.2 GUI Switcher enabled via Settings…Launchers….
• Multi DPI Play Store
• Browser performance tweaks (Extra menu with OpenGL Rendering, Light Touch and CPU Upload Path enabled)
• Browser2RAM init.d scripts (Default Browser, Firefox, Naked Browser and Chrome version)
• Scroll Caching Disabled for smoother in app scrolling
• Fsync Disabled option for extreme speed!
• LagFix app – needs 10 mins to work its magic.
• Data2SD implemented via _that’s kernels
• Continued Best Support of any ROM!

• Everything should be fine as long as you have a 10.6.1.x bootloader installed



20/07/2013 - v4.7.0 ODEX/DEODEX Full Rom
o Consolidated 4.6.9 patch into main ROM
o Updated _that kernel to version v4 which brings CIFS back to CROMi-X
o Updated my modded stock TF300TG kernel from the Asus kernel
o Added Hunds TF700 v3.10, TF300 v11 and TF201 v8 variety OC kernel + data2SD, modules and app to the ROM
o Added Firefox Beta Browser to the Browser2RAM script
o Updated Google Play Store to JB4.3 - 4.1.23 multi-dpi patched
o Updated Google Maps to version 7.0.2
o Updated Google Music to version 5.0.1053J.731804
o Updated ES File Explorer to version with latest classic theme
o Updated Dropbox to version
o Updated Adobe Flash Player to version
o Updated SuperUser and SU binary to version 1.41
o Replaced the KeyboardDock.ogg file with a null sound version to surpress the repetitive beeping some users suffer when charging
o Replaced the Nexus 7 boot animation with the latest Google Nexus JB4.3 animation
o Replaced the Roboto font family with the JB4.3 versions
o Added new JB4.3 Sunbeam Live Wallpaper
o Added new Aroma theme by franzyroy
o Fixed a2dp bluetooth audio by jpalo. Thanks andreibsk

Older Versions:


 29/06/2013 - v4.6.8 ODEX/DEODEX Full Rom & 4.6.9 Patch
o    Please apply the 4.6.9 patch after flashing the 4.6.8 ROM. It fixes some minor system updates to remove lag.
o    Updated Titanium Backup to version
o    Updated Google Keyboard to version 1.0.1870.703320
o    Updated Apex Launcher to version 2.0.3
o    Updated Nova Launcher to version 2.1.1 final
o    Zip Aligned system files as zip align script can't run on system partition
o    Cleaned up Zip Align script so it only does data apps
o    Added the Asus weather and Time Widget back into ROM with fixed signature for 4.6.x
o    Removed Adobe Fonts folder as causing issues with PaintShop Touch
o    Cleaned up last 2 frames of CROMi-X Fire and Water Bootanimation
o    Fixed the CROMi-X Blue Fire animation which was missing on the Odex version of 4.6.6
o    Updated the that2 kernel to that3 kernel which is based off the Asus source
o    Recompiled thatv3 kernel to include TF300TG and ME301T init.rc files for better compatibility
o    Reset build.prop entry windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=200 as it offers a smoother experience than the 90 I was using

 23/06/2013 - v4.6.7 ODEX/DEODEX Patch 
o    Changed the minfree memory optimisations back to the CROMI-X default ones set by the kernel. This should fix some of the lag we were experiencing on 4.6.6
o    Updated the CPU scripts to give slightly better performance on balanced and performance modes
o    This patch will update both 4.6.6 ODEX and 4.6.6 DEODEX to 4.6.7. YOU MUST BE ON 4.6.6 TO FLASH THIS. DO NOT DO A WIPE.

 16/06/2013 - v4.6.6 ODEX/DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X 
o    Changed Supernote back to the full version from Asus. ME301T version offered as a separate download
o    Changed Google Play Store back to the JB 4.1.10 version for compatibility reasons. A version for candy crush saga compatibility offered as a separate download
o    Updated B2R script to latest version to include Next Browser, Maxthon HD and fixed UC Browser typo. Thanks Tylor & elfaure
o    Updated SuperSU to version 1.33 and then 1.34
o    Updated Google Music to version 5.0.1052J.707098
o    Updated Google Keyboard to version 1.0.1869.683049 and force installed to /data/app for compatibility
o    Updated ESFileExplorer classic theme to latest version
o    Updated _thats kernel ramdisk so that all devices (including TF300TG) can now use _thats kernel and data2sd mod.
o    Added TF300TG as own option in aroma installer
o    Fixed the CROMi-X Fire and Water Bootanimation - removed some frames so it doesn't cause issues
o    Adjusted minifree ram optimisation to 1536,2048,4096,5120,15360,23040. The formula for MB is nnnn * 4 / 1024. This is more sensible for keeping RAM free and not killing active apps
o    Adjusted net.core.rmem_max to 1.5MB and net.core.wmem_max to 2MB for extra browser smoothness
o    Adjusted read ahead cache to 4096KB

 10/06/2013 - v4.6.5 ODEX/DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X 
o    Added specific lib files and modules from build for TF700 and for ME301T
o    Fixed missing Super IPS+ mode on the TF700
o    Merged more firmware and permissions files from TF300TG and ME301T sources for better compatibility for those devices
o    Changed B2R script to the more efficient version by elfaure
o    Fixed Auto Brightness config for TF700. Less dim on low and more balanced around the mid range
o    Changed Google Play Store to better 4.0.27 multi-dpi patched version by elesbb for TF201, TF300 and ME301 users
o    Changed Google Play Store to 4.1.10 multi-dpi patched for TF700 users
o    Changed default Sound Manager from Beats to DSP
o    Added Audio Manager libraries and apk for ME301T
o    Updated SuperNote to ME301T version
o    Updated Gmail to version 4.5-694836
o    Updated You Tube to version 4.5.17
o    Updated SuperSU to version 1.32
o    Reverted Google Talk to Asus version. You can install Hangouts from the play store if you like it
o    New BootAnimation by Robgee789 CROMi-X Fire and Water
o    Removed Update Launcher from ROM as not needed

 01/06/2013 - v4.6.4 ODEX/DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X 
o    Odex version created from Deodex base
o    Versions 4.6.2 and 4.6.3 were experimental builds
o    Stock kernel updated to base and includes TF700, TF300T, TF300TG, TF201 and Memo Pad Smart 10 variants
o    Rom now supports Memo Pad Smart 10 - choose TF300 option for now
o    Fixed TF201 SystemUI force closing - thanks flunmpster for the help
o    Fixed issue with Android is upgrading message on every boot
o    Removed some duplicated dictionary and DRM files left in v4.6.1
o    Stock kernel updated to with ramdisk init.rc files for TF300T, TF300TG, TF201 and TF700 devices
o    Android.Policy.jar updated with correct signature
o    Updated Google Music to version 5.0.1041J
o    Updated Google Calendar to version 201305280 which replaces the Asus one to solve syncing issues
o    Updated EsFileExplorer to version 3.0.4
o    Added property files, power profiles and auto brightness files for TF300TG users
o    Build.prop cleaned up for US users
o    Browser2RAM script updated with 4 new browsers, total of 18 now. Thanks elfaure and Tylorw1
    Opera Mobile
    Opera Mini
    Boat Mini
    Dolphin Mini
    Dolphin Jet Pack
    UC Browser HD

26/05/2013 - v4.6.1 DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X
o    ODEX version will be released in a few days
o    ROM rebuilt to fix video, audio issues that broke YouTube, Google Music, Camera in previous version
o    Stock kernel updated to base
o    Play Store moved to be a default install now
o    TalkBack added back in
o    Deodexed again using tool from flumpster. Thanks mate
o    MusicFX auto installed with DSP options

23/05/2013 - v4.6 DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X
o    Rebased from Asus base
o    Rom now officially supports the TF201 Prime and TF300TG devices
o    Max Fling Velocity increased by 20%
o    Added Super User to settings menu v1.1 by ImmovableObject
o    Rebuilt NoSD mods back into SystemUI and Transformer apks
o    Rebuilt disabled scroll cache in framework.jar
o    Rebuilt Browser.apk with debug menu enabled and speed tweaks on
o    Updated service.jar for ASUSBrightnessManager to disable Debug logging. Thanks ImmovableObject
o    Removed Volume mods for time being
o    Updated SuperUser to version 1.30
o    Updated DropBox to version 2.3.8
o    Updated Google Maps to version 6.14.4
o    Updated Google Music to version 5.0.1026J
o    Updated Google Talk to Google Hangouts version
o    Updated Google Play Store to version 4.1.6 multi dpi patched
o    Updated Titanium Backup to version 6.0.5
o    Updated Apex Launcher to version 2.0.2
o    Updated Nova Launcher to version 2.1.1
o    Removed Asus firmware updates from ROM to stop prompts to upgrade
o    Removed TalkBack
o    Updated B2R script with additions from Tylorw1. It now includes:
    + Stock
    + Boat Browser
    + Chrome
    + Naked
    + Maxthon
    + Firefox
    + Opera
    + UC Browser HD for Tablet
    + Dolphin Browser
    + NineSky Browser
    + Floating Browser
o    Build.Prop edits:
    + windowsmgr.max_events_per_sec=90
o    Build.Prop removals as proven not to do anything:
    - debug.performance.tuning=1
    - video.accelerate.hw=1
    - persist.sys.purgeable_assets=1
    - persist.sys.use_dithering=1
    - ro.kernel.checkjni=0
    - pm.sleep_mode=1
    - ro.config.nocheckin=1

13/05/2013 - v4.5 ODEX/DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X
o    Rebuilt Aroma Installer to split out TF700 and TF300 builds
o    Removed Surdu's kernel due to it not working on my Asus base
o    Added Opera Mobile to Browser2RAM and incorporated script by elfaure into init.d
o    Added minifree ram optimisaton to CleanTWEAKS init.d script and cleaned up all scripts
o    Added -50mV UV tweak to Aroma Options
o    Reverted Build.Prop tweaks to 4.4 version
o    Updated Data2SD addon recognise micro sd and internal data partitions by _that
o    ES File Explorer updated to version 3.0.3
o    Added Sony xLoud and ClearAudio to options

07/05/2013 - v4.4.1 ODEX/DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X
o    BookMark Sync issue fixed with stock Browser
o    Data2SD option fixed. Data apps should install to the correct partition as well now
o    ES File Explorer updated to version 3.0.2
o    LMT Launcher updated to v1.99
o    Fixed bootloop issue with CROMi-X BlueFire boot animation. Thanks Robgee789
o    Fixed the stock Asus/CROMi-X boot animation for TF300 users
o    Added some additional Build.Prop Tweaks for battery and GPU performance
o    Added sbdags/flumpster stock kernel back into options for those that like stock stable
o    Added surdu petru OC kernel for TF300 Users
o    Removed JB 4.2 Launcher as no longer required
o    Removed CrossBreeder tweaks. Can be downloaded separately

30/04/2013 - v4.4 ODEX/DEODEX Full ROM CROMi-X 
o    CROMi-X ODEXed version by me
o    Updated Play Store Store back to white Multi DPI patched 4.0.27
o    Updated ESFile Explorer to version 3.0.1 plus classic theme included
o    Recompiled Browser with minor fixes to menus and browser disappearing
o    Added additional Firefox and naked browser B2RAM scripts by elfaure
o    Added new CROMi-X Blue Fire boot animation by robgee789
o    Added Keyboard Manager 2.5 - allows you to control the keyboard layout for the dock vs screen keyboards
o    Added preinit scripts for Data2SD _that2 kernels (Both TF700 and TF300)
o    Added framework mods by elesbb to increase volume control to 25 steps, disable max volume warning and headphone notification
o    Added Scroll Cache Disabled for super smooth scrolling in apps. Thanks elesbb!
o    Integrated 4.2 settings apps into CROMi-X for the 4.1/4.2 GUI toggle option

22/04/2013 - v4.3 Final Deodexed Full ROM CROMi-X 
o    Updated Adobe Flash to version
o    Updated Play Store to 4.0.26 Multi-DPI Inverted Patched version
o    Recompiled the No Notification Mods as were still causing some issues. This fixes the greyed out power savings on previous versions

21/04/2013 - v4.3RC2 Full ROM CROMi-X 
o    Removed duplicate ZipAlign script from init.d folder
o    Recompiled Browser.apk with JB 4.2.1 advanced options
o    Fixed error in init.d script that should give better CPU utilisation and battery life
o    Added Asus Enhanced CROMI boot animations by ronniereiff
o    Fixed issues with clean install on RC1

17/04/2013 - v4.3b6 CROMi-X 
o    Reverted Google Search back to Asus version to fix issues some US users were having
o    Reverted Google Play Services bask to Asus version to fix issues some US users were having
o    Rebuilt systemui.apk using TF700 apk to hopefully solve missing status bars and other issues
o    Added settingsprovider.apk to provide Asus Launcher in settings
o    Removed the 2 sbdags kernels for TF300 and TF700 as the _that v2 kernel is much better and already stable
o    Removed Max Linaro Kernel until it is more stable

15/04/2013 - v4.3b5 Public Beta CROMi-X
o    Fixed DroidSans-Bold.ttf and DroidSans.ttf fonts as Asus corrupted them.
    This solves issues with apps and games closing when loading in 4.3 betas
o    Updated the Browser2RAM script to 50MB from 40MB and included Chrome and Chrome Beta
    Also moved the Browser2RAM script back to cache folder for testing
o    Moved the 4.2 GUI launcher settings to an option. This is from the TF300
o    Fixed permission errors in the updater-script
o    Added NO SD Card, Headphones, Volume Level and Dock notifications by elesbb
o    Updated NEW Advanced Power Menu restart options by elesbb to TF700 version
o    Added Bravia 2 Engine as an option to Tweaks for testing
o    Integrated latest google services update into ROM
o    Updated Gmail to version 4.3.1
o    Updated Google Search to
o    Removed the new ASUS Apps as adding to size of ROM - all can be downloaded from the Play Store

12/04/2013 - v4.3b4 Public Beta CROMi-X
o    Added maxrdlf95 v2 kernel with row scheduler, CIFS, UDF, ISO 9660 and fsync control
o    Modded _thats v2 kernel with flumpsters mounts to fix TF300 usb settings 
o    Added NEW Advanced Power Menu restart options by elesbb
o    Added TF300 settings so that TF700 users can change Launchers :D
o    Changed to _thats recommended location for fsync although old one works too /sys/class/misc/fsynccontrol/fsync_enabled
o    Updated dropbox to version 2.3.5

11/04/2013 - v4.3b3 CROMi-X
o    _that v2 kernel with row scheduler, CIFS, UV, ISO 9660 and fsync control added as default to installer
o    Zipaligned LMT, Browser and Google Play Store
o    Added new zip align script that is much faster now as an option. Thanks flumpster
o    Split init.d scripts out to indivdual components
o    Fixed the data2sd mounting data partition - needs testing. Thanks flumpster
o    Updated Browser2Ram script based on steveniemitz script and discussions with _that and becomingx

10/04/2013 - v4.3b2 CROMi-X not released
o    Browser advanced labs options implemented
o    Added init.d script to replicate browser2ram as app no longer works on 4.2.1 - using 40MB currently

08/04/2013 - v4.3b1 DEODEX FULL ROM
o    ROM rebased from Asus Source, deodexed by me
o    Added TF700 kernel repacked ramdisk by me with insecure, init.d, no dpi limit, usb debugging and busybox support.
o    Removed fullscreen app as causes lag. Download from the play store if you want to use it
o    Kept build.prop from original TF300/TF700 sources with CleanROM and CROMI tweaks consistently applied
o    Added flumpster's data2sd kernel - modded for no dpi by me
o    Updated AdAway to v2.3 
o    Added 2 new bootanimations – CROMi-X and CROMI-X Liquid by Robgee789

07/04/2013 - v4.2 DEODEX FULL ROM
o    Merged TF300 CROMI and TF700 CROMi-X into one source
o    Name of ROM changed to CROMi-Xenogenesis or CROMi-X for short
o    Repacked the Asus Stock Kernel with insecure, init.d, no dpi limit, usb debugging and busybox support. Thanks flumpster and _that
o    Fixed the DPI issues for TF300 Users
o    Added new CROMI boot animation by robgee789
o    Updated You Tube to version 4.4.11
o    Updated Asus Web Storage to version
o    Removed PinPal and Asus Studio as both broken on JB 4.2.1
o    Added LMT Pie Launcher version 1.91 into Misc Options
o    Updated Adobe Flash to version

06/04/2013 - v4.0 DEODEX FULL ROM
o    Rebased off Asus JellyBean 4.2.1 Release and TF300 CROMI for the TF700
o    Rooted, busybox, zipalign, Aroma Installer all implemented
o    Applied correct permissions to fix BlueTooth issues and kept google drm options
o    Added No SD Card, Headphone and Dock Notifications to installer. Thanks elesbb
o    Added Next Gen Advanced Power Menu. Thanks to elesbb
o    Updated SuperUser to version 1.2.5
o    Updated Apex Launcher to version 1.4.4
o    Updated Nova Launcher to version 2.0.1
o    Updated Titanium Backup to version 6.4
o    Updated DropBox to version 2.3.4 Moved to data as not compatible as a system app
o    Updated Google Maps to version 6.14.3
o    Updated Google Music to version 4.5.914I.590354
o    Updated LagFix to version 1.5.1
o    Updated Asus Web Storage to version
o    Crossbreeder 3.15.13v2 Patch added to options
o    Tweaked Browser Options now included, go to settings,labs to see them. Thanks to elesbb for fixing manifest.xml permissions
o    Added 6 new Asus Apps from the Memo Pad Smart 10
    Asus Studio (Gallery, Picture Edit)
    Asus Sticky Memo (Yellow Stickies)
    Asus PinPal (Social Networking)
    Asus Artist (Cards, etc)
    Asus To Do List (yep)
    Asus Story (Picture Story Maker thingy)
o    Moved Parental Control to an option
o    Added Beats DSP as an alternative DSP manager
o    Fixed some minor inconsistencies in the WW build.prop file
What are ODEX, DEODEX and Fsync?


Explanation by _that:

Latest Version:

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 DEODEX Full Mirror 1

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 DEODEX Full Mirror 2

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 DEODEX Full Mirror 3

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 DEODEX Full Mirror 4

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 DEODEX Full Mirror 5

MD5 Sum: e841b90e5c106cce4345de85754e8a60


CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 ODEX Full Mirror 1

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 ODEX Full Mirror 2

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 ODEX Full Mirror 3

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 ODEX Full Mirror 4

CROMi-Xenogenesis 4.7.0 ODEX Full Mirror 5

MD5 Sum: 95acf0710d248db65f1f7a85188fc2dd

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