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This is BRILLIANT!! I have some of my offline students making HUGE money with Groupon...but not at all in this way...and I concur with thoughts exactly "darn...James beat me to this CASH TORNADO because I also thought about offering a cool IM package too...FORTUNE favors the FIRST MOVERS!

Warriors - GRAB this now...this is a MUST for you whether you are an IMr 'only' or a offline consultant!

Bravo James and bravo Mike Lantz for making it WSO of the Day so I'd see this!

I'm listening to James Renouf interview this person on how he used Groupon for a totally novel purpose, and my mind is totally racing. It's a totally amazing mind trip:
  • Using Groupon's traffic which is ready to BUY
  • To do lead generation for a new kind of business (for Groupon)
  • With no up front risk to you
  • You pay Groupon's fees out of the profits, fees are a portion of your profits, so ... did I mention -- no up front risk
  • You can upsell at the backend and you keep 100%
Incredible model and in the small country that the guy being interviewed resides in, he did 1300 units in a day, still has referrals from this one deal, and he made out gangbusters during that one day Groupon.

I can see how a larger country's market would easily allow one to duplicate this success.

The interview also strips away the layers of confusion about what Groupon really is, and it clearly exposes all that Groupon really is -- I'm not going to say what that is, for that you have to listen

Highly recommended! Get this WSO!

Head is spinning... I have always wondered how to make Groupon work in my advantage.Great ideas and the potential to make thousands of dollars is certainly there! Great product and I would recommend this if you want to look at Groupon in a whole new way.

Way to go on this very neat product.

Hey James;

It kills me that you thought this up and took action before I did! I actually had the exact same idea a few months ago but never did anything with it.

Thanks for proving my assumptions and I can't wait to dive in.

Can't wait to share this with my list b/c NOBODY is doing this stuff now!


Check Out This Video Before Reading Any Further !!!!

Hi There, It's James Renouf

I've been involved with Internet Marketing for quite some time. Before I get into the details of this I want to let you know that I have never had the privilege of offering so much value in one product. What you are being offered today is the insider knowledge of how to make close to 6 figures in one day. I hope you were able to sense the enthusiasm in my voice from the video because I can't stress enough how amazing this information is.

If you are anything like me you are going to kick yourself that you never thought of doing this before.

I've had my successes online and I've had my failures. The information that I learned and will share with you totally blew my mind. It takes a lot to impress me and this went above and beyond that.

There are some things that I'm pretty sure I know about you.
  • You know what Groupon is
  • You know it is successful but you never fully realized how much money you could personally make for yourself.
  • You are involved in Internet Marketing and want to better the position that you are in.
Today is one of those days where you get a break.

All it takes some times is to have the door opened for you by someone.

Not only is the door being opened for you in this case but it is being blown wide open like a tornado hit it. That is how powerful this information is. Anyone can make this happen !

I haven’t seen any programs out there that even resemble this in the slightest relating to how to make a huge amount of money on Groupon.

Imagine what it would be like if you made a hundred thousand dollars in a day, teaching something you already know how to do, using the money making power of Groupon. Think about how that would change your life ! Even if you were way off the mark and only made $10,000. That is still nothing to hate on.

I was lucky enough to be in the situation where I knew Groupon would be the way to make a ton of money and I had the connection to get the information out of someone who made it happen.

This interview will allow you to start your journey with Groupon and lay down your own path to success. The people at Groupon want you to succeed and will help you all they can if you know the correct process you need to take to make it happen.

Even though Groupon is the largest and most successful site in this niche you can use these strategies for the other hundreds of similar sites that are popping up by the day.

The Groupon Factor

If you do anything online at all then you know about Groupon.

You have either purchased a Groupon or have noticed your friends purchase one by seeing a post on facebook that they had 50% off at a restaurant or something like that.

Check out this graph that shows the trend ("The trend is your friend") of how awesome Groupon is doing.

There is no debate that it is an absolutely hugely popular site that brings in millions of dollars a day with a ton of opportunity for you. I realized this but couldn't figure out how to make it work for the longest time !

Like I said in the video I had the pleasure of interviewing a man that initially made over $95,000 in one day from Groupon. He has since done other groupons and has massed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the business he now has because of it.

Here is the thing. He didn't have some restaurant. He didn't clean carpets. He didn't own a hair salon. (All the normal things you see on Groupon).

This guy is an Internet Marketer. He used Groupon to teach people stuff that you already know and think is common knowledge. Let me tell you that what you take for granted there are thousands of people out there that would love to pay you for what you know.

What will you get with your money ?

This interview will first off get you super excited about G roupon knowing you can make a ton of cash.

Second you will actually get a ton of money, by putting these strategies in place.

Third you will get so many customers you won't know what to do with yourself !

Fourth you can then use this success you had on groupon yourself as proof to sell this same process to other businesses and people out there that want to do the same thing. You will make a mint !

It is so crazy to me that other IM'ers haven't capitalized on this. Well now you can beat everyone to the punch and make it happen !

All you have to do is click the "Buy Now" button further down this page and you'll get the full interview - over 50 minutes. And the entire strategy will be revealed. You can just copy and paste it in your own area.

Normally information like this would cost you hundreds of dollars. I mean the guy is literally giving away his secret.

At only $14.95 for Warriors Only and for a very limited time, this is the lowest price I'm ever going to offer this at. I know that by selling this product it is going to make the person interviewed widely known and that will benefit him greatly. I've convinced him that is why it is ok to sell this info so cheap.

Are you always looking for the next big thing but it never seems to actually have the potential when you get down to it ? This product is the next big thing. I hate always being told how great an opportunity something is to then realize it was a bunch of hype. This is not hype. Do you waste a ton of time trying to figure out something to make money ? This is the biggest opportunity I have ever seen and the most amount of money I have ever seen made in a day by anyone I know and it is all spelled out for you.

You could simply pass on this opportunity and get another face book fan page creator or plr product. Isn’t it time you look at something innovative ? If you do what everyone else is doing then you aren’t that special. This is brand new. I'm very proud of this product and put my name 100 % behind it.

P.S. I'm not having this offer up forever so buy it now !