Computerfreek274 _ Turbo _ 1.5.5B All in One 5/22/2015


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  • Keep your data! - You will not need to reinstall any applications or lose any data as this method only replaces the phone's system partition.
  • Stable! - I don't publish images without exhaustively testing them. If you have any issues to report, reply to this post and either myself or the community will rally to help fix the issue.
  • Much better battery life! - This image focuses on battery savings without compromising performance. Your phone will last much longer while running this system image.
  • Fast! - Breathe new life into your Droid Turbo, this image is lean, fast, and enhanced for performance. I draw from the well-documented tweaks of the community, including stuff like V6 Supercharger.
  • No bloat! - All bloat that is available on the Play Store has been removed. Extra files (like help videos and help audio files) have also been removed.
  • Optional adblocking! - Adblocking via AdAway that can be toggled on and off.
  • Optional ViPER4Android! - Increase the volume and the quality of audio output from the Droid Turbo by enabling VIPER4Android which comes bundled in this system image.
  • Enabled for XPOSED! - This system image has been enabled for the XPOSED framework as well as includes BusyBox.


1.5.5A All in one V4A See Changelog for more info.
Download Here
MD5: e07886cfe0be7348a10627c50a019b7d

1.5.5A All in one Without V4A See Changelog for more info.
Download Here
MD5: 22500511e09451245c92bc15dd926539

1.5.5A All in one V4A With 493 Dpi test build Please see note below.
Download Here
MD5: b8baaf983bf82ed541de2b9d999a267c

This build has a DPI of 493 stock was 640 is gives you a lot more room on the screen also 5 rows on the home page. But this will make the moto display (active display) off-centered!!! this is the black clock screen when you wave your hand over. there is a fix to there you have to use xposed.
Fix for moto display in DPI 493 build.
Install "App Settings" from Xposed repository (or google it)
Set the DPI to 640 for Moto Display app.
Unlock button and clock will be unaffected!
Credits to Dareal and Jaocagomez

1.5.4a + AdAway
Download Here
MD5: 0e1411b1e5be9c580e5ce0e0fe9a9e35

1.5.4a + AdBlock Host Files
Download Here
MD5: b1f25360a939a201b1532762000f708b

Download Here
MD5: 1cbc6a02e4c4e995f65612039b7965dd

  1. Check your system version. Go to Settings -> System -> About Phone -> System version; make sure that you're on the system version 21.44.12.quark_verizon.verizon.en.US before starting. This is a requirement for using MOFOROOT. If you're not on this most recent version, download and install the Verizon system update by going to Settings-> System -> System updates -> Check for system updates.
  2. Check your operating system. The MOFOROOT method can only currently be ran on Windows and Linux. If you are on OS X, you can set up a virtual machine using VirtualBox running the current (15.04) version of Ubuntu. This tutorial will help you get it set up. If this step applies to you, the rest of the steps need to be completed in your virtual machine, NOT OS X.
  3. Download and install the drivers for your device. You have to make sure that your computer can recognize your phone first. Depending on your operating system, any of these links should be able to get you set up: Motorola, AndroMods, RootJunky.
  4. Download the system image from this thread. Before you try to flash the system image, please cross reference the MD5 hash, or else you may brick your phone!
  5. Ensure you can connect to your device via ADB and fastboot. Download and install Android Debug Bridge (ADB) on your operating system. It is included in the Android SDK. This is an awesome guide to installing fastboot - use it. Once both are installed, plug your phone in and open a command prompt. By either adding adb/fastboot to your path, or navigating to the downloaded directories, run adb devices to see if your computer recognizes your phone. Reboot the phone into bootloader mode by following these directions. Once you've connected your device to your computer while in this mode, try running fastboot devices from the terminal to make sure that your computer recognizes your phone while in this mode (this is the mode you will need to be in when using MOFOROOT).
  6. Ensure that you have Python on your machine. MOFOROOT is written in Python, so Windows users will have to make sure that they have Python 2.7.9 downloaded and installed.
  7. Download MOFOROOT. This system image is meant to be flashed using MOFOROOT. Ensure that you've paid for and downloaded the de-facto rooting method from their website. Please note that this method provides a utility that allows us to flash pre-rooted system images to our phone, but does not turn write protection off. Motorola/Verizon has locked down this device's bootloader and enabled write protection, so any changes made to the system partition outside of this method will be only temporary and disappear after reboot. Development on this phone may feel like we have to jump through so many hoops - that's because we do. You should be able to download and run mofoverify from their site, which will give you a link to be able to pay for and download the mofo utility.
  8. FLASH THE IMAGE! After all of those steps, you can finally connect your phone to your computer in bootloader mode (checking to see that it's recognized using fastboot devices) and run mofo flash path_to_the_downloaded_system.img. This is the original XDA mofo instructions, read and follow them if you have any issues. If you're having problems with using MOFOROOT via [URL=""]VirtualBox[/URL on OS X (using Ubuntu as your guest OS), here's a thread where some issues were discussed. If mofo stops on you and doesn't make it to 100%, just press the up arrow and then enter to restart it. Do not plug your phone into a USB 3.0 port as this happens far more on USB 3.0. I have flashed multiple IMGs and some of them stopped and I had to restart it. So just give it time.
  9. CLEAR THE CACHE BEFORE RESTARTING! After you have flashed the system image using MOFOROOT, you MUST wipe the cache before rebooting. You can follow these instructions if you don't know how to do it. Failing to wipe the cache may result in your phone not booting. You should still be able to get to the bootloader menu if you get caught in a bootloop, and clearing the cache should fix your issue.
  10. Reboot and PROFIT! Congratulations! You're finished. The first phone reboot may take about 10 minutes. Do not freak out and just let it finish. The next steps are optional if you'd like to set up ad blocking, ViPER4Android, or XPOSED.
  11. Setup ad-blocking. This system image has AdAway pre-installed (if it doesn't, you can download it). Open AdAway and go into Preferences and click on Target host file and set it to /data/data/hosts from the pop up menu. Go back and hit Download files and apply ad blocking. If Super User asks for permission, grant it. Also say yes to the system link on the first-time setup. Restart your phone. You should now not see most ads! You can disable this at any time by going into AdAway and pressing Disable ad blocking. If you would like to manage ad-blocking on a per-app basis, you can disable AdAway and use MinMinGuard for Xposed. Thank you @pjsockett for the tip.
  12. Setup ViPER4Android. ViPER4Android (V4A) is pre-installed. Open the app and enable it and set it up. Do NOT check the box Force Enable V4A and run V4A in FX Compatible Mode. Without running in FX Compatible Mode, the Facebook app will not play audio on videos. PLEASE NOTE: Enabling V4A will negatively impact battery life.
  13. Setup the XPOSED framework. Download and install the XPOSED framework installer. I have done all the hard work in this image to get the XPOSED framework to work without any extra steps. If XPOSED is not working for you, please follow the first few steps of this guide.

I do my best to support this, but we all have lives that demand our attention. Anyone is free to contribute to this project and discuss development or features right on this thread. The community behind this system image is pretty awesome. Big thanks to @savagebunny for giving me the drive, info, and support to keep working on V4A. Thanks also to @paintba11er89 for the AdAway suggestion and helping me organize this OP. Huge thanks to paintba11er89 for the help with a very clean OP he used his time to rewrite this post to help me and others so please thank him.

This is only the first step to THE NEXT BIG THING!


Read the instructions - There's a lot of great guidelines in there that will answer most questions that you have. If you have issues with Google Apps or Services stopping more than once after you've booted, refer to step 9 in the instructions to clear the phone's cache. Additionally, check out this video that may help with this issue. If you're still having issues, you may have to factory reset and format your data partition to start over clean. That's obviously not optimal, but that's the price that we pay for not having a fully unlocked bootloader.


1.5.5A All in one With AdAway system link, xposed, with or without V4A

Fixed GPU 2x faster benchmark for the GPU video.
Fixed the lag on launcher.
Fixed WiFi scan times. Part of the power saving.
Fixed and updated Build.prop
Removed some startup's apps.
I am removing 1.5.5 on OP and going to replace it with 1.5.5A as there was some bugs With the GPU. So please upgrade to 1.5.5A. Sorry I did not see the drop in 1.5.5 in the GPU speed.
Remember if you do not like adaway just do not set it up. Or if your doing an custom host file it place it in /data/data.
i will keep doing an None V4A for now till i find a way to fix the USB audio out. This is used for amps.
Custom paid ver builds will be updated soon and I will PM you all the links soon.

1.5.4a + AdAway
Download Here
MD5: 0e1411b1e5be9c580e5ce0e0fe9a9e35

1.5.4a + AdBlock Host Files
Download Here
MD5: b1f25360a939a201b1532762000f708b

Download Here
MD5: 1cbc6a02e4c4e995f65612039b7965dd

1.5.3a + ViPER4Android + Ad-Blocking
Download Here
MD5: e9a272b16506ea62067f055151b61886

1.5.3a + ViPER4Android
Download Here
MD5: 944c745d906f85a858608691ec9446ec

1.5.3 + ViPER4Android + Ad-Blocking
Download Here
MD5: 74efbb3f6e4a21c4b3dcfb492dcc6d99

1.5.3 + ViPER4Android
Download Here
MD5: 9d8543abb8a65b0a697c4b504c0224d3

1.52a + Verizon Visual Voicemail + Ad-Blocking
Download Here
MD5 : ce71e58308f5f7e4e727ae0a7bdc9e98

1.52a + Verizon Visual Voicemail
Download Here
MD5: 2750328e905c71d6a4c7ec1dbd27254e

1.5.2a + Ad-Blocking + ViPER4Android
Download Here
MD5: b4c060813dc08ea20ead2400a1c7becb

1.5.2a + ViPER4Android
Download Here
MD5: 77a6a4cef997992cbc8970518d0f0e76