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One of the things we’ve always remarked about Volcano around here at ECig Advanced is that they go to great lengths to offer products for the full range of vaping, from the mini e-cig of their Volcano Kit, to their Magma and Inferno kits, utilizing more advanced equipment like eGo batteries, clearomizers and tanks. They’ve taken it a step further with the Lavatube, stretching that range into the world of e-cig mods, bigger battery and variable voltage devices.

If you’re not familiar with variable voltage (VV), it essentially allows the voltage going from the battery to whatever is connected (atomizer/cartomizer, etc.) to be altered. While most electronic cigarettes run 3.7 volts through their connection, VV devices like the Lavatube normally allow a range of anywhere from 3 to 6 volts in .1 volt increments. This allows the user to vastly change the taste, vapor production and throat hit of any e-liquid or e-juice through a simple press of a button. The trade-off at higher voltages is of course that your e-liquid will go much faster. Simply put, variable voltage gives you way more options with your vaping experience.

In terms of presentation, the Lavatube is about as simple and bare bones as variable voltage units come. It’s an aluminum tube with a black matte finish that holds one high-drain, flat top 18650 battery and features four buttons (trigger or activation, up .1 volt, down .1 volt, on/off/check battery voltage). It’s got a simple screw off cap for the battery and everything about it looks and feels very utilitarian. For me, this wasn’t really an issue as this isn’t the kind of the device I would personally buy because it looks particularly classy or fancy. All big battery or vari-volt mods are inherently large compared to most e-cigs, so that alone makes them a little more awkward anyhow.

The purchase value, for me, is in the functionality. And in terms of function, the Lavatube does exactly what it’s supposed to do- runs a long-lasting 18650 battery at whatever voltage you choose until it dies. And in terms of the price, it’s completely worth the lack of a little gloss or presentation. At $69.99 for the standalone Lavatube and $99.99 for the kit (Lavatube, AW Protected 18650 Flat top battery, Trustfire charger, 3.0 ohm atomizer, drip tip and leather case), it’s an incredible deal compared to the $150-300 price range of many similar tube-style vari-volt kits. The same can be said for the price of the standalone unit.

On top of that, the Lavatube is a little lighter (because of it’s no fuss design) and just as durable as any similar mod. I’m a naturally clumsy person, so I had no problem  slamming it multiple times with the gear shift in my car and dropped it on the floor multiple times. I even dropped it out of my jacket pocket while riding my bicycle at a decent speed and it was left with no more than a minor scratch on the paint.

Just to reiterate, this product functions just as it should and the atomizer that comes with the kit performs like a champ. The bottom line here is that if you’re not that concerned about the looks of a product that will be large and a little unwieldy regardless, the price here to get a variable voltage or big battery mod is a steal. And it’s from a company like Volcano that often receives high praise for their customer service and helpful community. Kudos to Volcano for bringing this product to the US and at such a great price.

*Battery pictured above is generic and not the one that will ship with the Lavatube (AW Protected 18650)

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