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It can be very hard to motivate yourself to exercise every day, even when using a fancy wifi enabled pedometer. While Fitbit includes several "competitions" and "badges" in order to spur activity, these can be fairly dry. This app intends to liven up the Fitbit by giving it a fresh "Walking Dead" inspired game. Users who register with the app will be randomly grouped into a band of "Survivors," with the goal of gaining as many points as they can. Each user will spend the day getting as many steps in as possible. At night, if the users failed to get more steps than the zombies, then there is a chance they will be bitten and become a zombie. The next day the remaining survivors continue to get steps to stay alive, while the zombie players try to get more steps than the survivors to bite them. The game continues for several days until there is only a handful of survivors left, when they eventually get "rescued" and win, and can choose to play again with a different group.

Players can earn points by surviving the night without getting bitten or by winning. Players who have been turned into zombies can also gain points by biting other players. There will be a leaderboard where players can compare their scores.

Using the code

The app will be a .NET MVC framework web application using Azure. It will use knockoutJS to bind data elements to the browser for clean views. Fitbit uses the OAuth 1.0 protocol to authenticate the devices to the app. The Fitbit API uses RESTful service calls to read and write to the Fitbit resources. This current application will only need to read, but future updates may include write actions.