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The continuous success of our advertising resources, our prompt attention to order fulfillment and our dedicated customer service has launched us to the top! We are one of the Internet's top Advertising companies and have been so since 1997! Read about us below: 

Ultimate Advertising Package!
The most effective advertising package on the Internet!
Ultimate Advertising Package!
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About our Amazing Follow Up Magic!
1,025 exclusive prospects are sent daily emails directing them to YOUR business! We create the ad copy, load 1,025 exclusive prospects into our special responder software and we then send them DAILY follow-up on your behalf for 100 Days!
(powered by multiple dedicated servers!!)

This package in greater detail...

Solo Ad Blast to 500,000 Readers TWICE!
(that's over 1 Million emails sent! .. all SPAM-FREE!)

Your solo ad sent to our entire database of over 500,000+ opt-in prospects, TWICE!
This is our Mailbox Money Solo List. (15 Years to build) 100% opt-in.
Your solo ad is specifically designed (in full html & text) to pull visitors to your web site.

Contact Solo Ad sent to 315 Safelists!
This goes to 227,050 CONTACT email address of each list member. It does NOT go to
the "subscribe" address, which is usually automatically deleted via junk email accounts.
It goes to the users PRIMARY address, which means your ad gets READ!

Classified Ad Package to 2,318 Safelists!
6 line ad sent to 1.5 Million Safelist Subscribers! 100% Spam FREE!
... and You will NOT receive ANY junk auto-replies!
Every member is a DOUBLE OPT IN Subscriber!

1,000 Guaranteed Re-directed Visitors!
TARGETED traffic! We plug your site into our MASSIVE Network
of contributing traffic sources and OUR traffic is diverted to YOUR web site!
Includes stat panel to view your visitor progress.

1,000 (30 second) Guaranteed Visitors!
Visitors are paid to view your web site. They must stay on your site for at least
30 seconds or we won't count it as a hit! Why is this good traffic?
These prospects are paid a few pennies to read about how your site can earn them Thousands! Pretty compelling....

.... Plus, every visitor is a certified Credit Card & Bank Account holder!

Follow Up Magic!
This marketing gem is worth $1,000's in Profit for you!

We gather 1,025 "opt in" prospects via our numerous sources across the net. These are exclusive prospects to you and your business. (no one else gets to use them). We then send these red hot prospects a compelling message, which is first sent immediately..... and then DAILY for 100 days!

We just keep pounding away at your prospect. The message is designed solely to get them to your web site. Once they decide to visit your site, they're hooked.

This is about as thorough as you can work a prospect. This is 100% spam-free.
Each message has a remove link. (95% will stay on your list!)

Here's an Example of How we obtain your Follow-up Magic prospects!

Creating YOUR Ad!
WE design your ad copy to be concise and enticing. We bring the customer back to your site over and over again until they purchase. You'll also receive a copy of your follow up series to see what's being sent.

Don't worry, if you're not sure how to create the ad, just provide us with your website url or the gist of your ad copy and we'll design the ad for you. (at NO additional Charge). If you prefer to use specific ad copy, that's fine too.

Just place your order and we'll take it from there.

Have any doubts? Look who is advertising with us.
Our Customers!
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Ultimate Advertising Package!
"Explode Your Business"

By ordering you acknowledge you have read & agreed to our Terms and Acceptable Use
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We will obtain all of your ad details during the checkout process. Don't worry, if you're not sure how to create the ad, just provide us with your web site address and we'll design the ad for you. You'll receive complete campaign details including a copy of your ad within 24 hours after we process it.

If you have any problems with your order, just contact us:

To pay by check or money order: Send payment to: Consumer Awareness Products, 1358 Hooper Ave.
Suite 312 Toms River NJ 08753 Include Name, Email, Site URL and service you ordered.

About Our Company.............

Consumer Awareness Products has been helping Entrepreneurs succeed since 1997. As experts in the field of marketing, we sought to make available the methods that we used to build several successful businesses. The lead to the creation of our online advertising services that all Entrepreneurs can benefit from.

"The Difference is our Standards"

Hi, I'm Joe Iorio. I have been helping Entrepreneurs succeed since 1997. Read about my company below.

About us ..... We run one of the most successful advertising services on the Internet. While most online advertising services have come and gone in a blink of an eye, we continue to serve the home base business community & have done so for over 15 years.

We've advertised for thousands of Home Based Entrepreneurs as well as traditional brick and mortar businesses. We personally designed and delivered over 2,100 advertising campaigns last year alone. There's a reason for our success. We care about our customers.

Our mission is to establish lifetime customers whose success, in part, comes from the use of our products and services.

Our business is located at 1358 Hooper Ave. Suite 312 Toms River NJ 08753.
For immediate customer support contact us via email at: frontdesk@thesupportgroup.com

Your Friend in Success!
Joe Iorio, Owner



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