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Right off the bat, this is not about bashing other tools. Rather, it’s about me sharing what I like about a specific tool that for a while, I simply ignored. Also, in the interests of disclosure, I have worked with Telerik on several community events. My friend, fellow MVP and Telerik Evangelist Phil Japikse challenged me to give JustCode a shot. I have and I am hooked.

Like a lot of developers, I always scrutinize Visual Studio Add Ins. They are another thing that needs to get loaded and when you have too many, it takes that much longer to load up Visual Studio. I’m a musician, specifically I’m a Drummer and more specifically, a jazz drummer. To me, developer tools are like musical instruments. They are intensely personal and no two setups are exactly the same.

JustCode is a member of that class of Visual Studio tools that helps with re-factoring and navigation. One of the things I really like about JustCode is how simple it is, how much it stays out of my way, and perhaps most importantly, the next to no adverse impact on Visual Studio performance.

Navigation… All you need to Ctrl + Alt + G, T, S, M:

File: G, Type: T, Symbol: S and Member: M. The key combinations are simple and the resulting dialogs ever very intuitive:


Notice the two sections at the bottom of the dialog. If you add a summary section to your class definition, JustCode looks for that :


Have you ever searched for class and wanted a convenient way to view documentation about the class? JustCode gives us that ability and in a very unobtrusive way. Another nice dialog is the member dialog:


JustCode is smart enough to examine documentation specific to the searched member.

A few other nice features of JustCode is the automatic formatting and the outlining. Like other tools, we can extract interfaces, methods, etc:


To reiterate, I like the simplicity of the tool and the lack of negative impact the tool has on VS Performance. To learn more about JustCode: check out the starter video series:

I have barely scratched the surface of what JustCode can do.

In addition to a rich set of re-factoring tools, there is a nice test runner as well. It works just fine with nUnit, mbUnit, MSpec to name a few.

We are very fortunate to have a wide away of tool choices. As for JustCode, it may very well be the the least known of this class of tools. Phil’s challenge reminded me yet again that often, there are rewards when you take the path that is less traveled! Check out JustCode, you might “JustLike” it too!!

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