The Mediterranean Diet weight loss plan is something we have to implement


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Posted by Updated on March 12, 2017

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After summer, we can see friends get beautiful bodies thanks to the Mediterranean Diet loss plan. Many of them become slimmer and stronger without sacrifices, even without noticing it. Others are in better shape due to exercise and natural way of life. A few couples improve their relationship. The Mediterranean Diet loss plan is not a miracle diet as no any other one is. We say it is not a miracle but a gift of nature. Due to the poor economic conditions, a whole nation, or a group of nations gave to the world a legacy: The Mediterranean Diet.

The truth is, we are losing it. Obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and many other conditions are growing in places where longevity was normal. Most Mediterranean countries have reacted too late to the problem. Nowadays, they are trying to recover the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet.

I said the Mediterranean diet is not a diet to lose weight. But people come here because of this. Once they have tried it, they adopt its philosophy for the whole life. The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle to live better, longer and happier.

You can have more information in this web of how to follow the Mediterranean Diet. No matter if you want to lose, maintain or even gain weight. But the weight loss plan we offered in Spring has turned to be so useful and followed that we have decided to repeat it in this post.

Mediterranean Diet implies exercise, activity, healthy nutrition and natural products. Mediterranean Diet means to accept any food except artificial ones. Not to despise exquisite delicacies in occasions and not to give the image of an eccentric person (that suffers social rejection and labor disbelieve) that refuses trying an exquisite and healthy meal. Most of the diets make your life miserable. This is the reason they are abandoned after certain time. This does not happen with the Mediterranean Diet. If you follow it, you will not have psychological lacks.

Mediterranean Diet also means priorities and proportions. It follows a dietary pattern in which exercise, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, fish and olive oil are the main ingredients. You can adequate your Mediterranean Diet to lose (or gain) weight.

Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss Plan

1) Refuse any artificial food. This means banning hydrogenated and hydrogenated fats (and all the products that contain them). They  dangerous “trans fats” increase cholesterol and are under suspicion of producing cancer. (This is a general rule of the Mediterranean Diet). You should read the labels. In USA it is compulsory that the percentage of trans fats should be explicit in them. Not in many other countries.

2) During the slimming period of the Mediterranean Diet stop drinking manufactured refreshments either with sugar or sweeteners. Drink as much water as you can and some fresh natural fruit juices as orange juice (Right from the squeezer, not from the shop in a bottle). Leave the beer and the wine for other periods. A bit of red wine during the meals is not bad in Mediterranean Diet, even convenient, but not when you decide to reduce weight.

3) During this period have none sweets and avoid bread made of very purified flour. You have fantastic desserts in the Mediterranean Diet, but not for now.

4) Have every day a good breakfast with plenty fresh fruits as pineapple, strawberries, apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit (avoid banana and grapes). Have natural oat flakes (the same you use for porridge) but with skimmed milk and no sugar at all. Do not eat muesli as it has sugar, raisins and coco. In your oat you can put nuts. Have eggs if you want (boiled or fried with a tiny quantity of virgin olive oil). A trick for the Mediterranean Diet slimming program: have a whole egg and two whites of eggs. (Give the yolks to your dog). You can change the eggs for grilled fish. Or have both options if your body needs it. You can have a little of real, not fake, integral bread without fat.

5) If the Mediterranean Diet breakfast is strong you will not be hungry again in four or five hours at least. If you are then working or shopping, eat a couple of raw and peeled carrots and one or two well washed apples (you will have them in your bag, prepared at the morning).

6) Three or four hours later, you can have another strong meal similar to breakfast with plenty of boiled vegetables (no carrots, no many potatoes, no beetroot) and grilled chicken or turkey breast in a little olive oil. Or grilled fish. Have salads. You can have also boiled chick peas (great for cholesterol). In the salads and vegetables you can use small amounts of virgin olive oil. Spices can make them more tasty.

7) Before going to sleep, take a piece of fruit, a glass of skimmed milk, or a skimmed yogurt (If you stomach accepts acid food at this time).

8) Don’t forget to eat always slowly to give time to your brains to “acknowledge receipt” of the food. You will be satisfied eating less.

Walk instead of taking the bus. Avoid elevators. Find time to go to the gym, swim, do jogging, make love. And be patient. Allow several months for the slimming process. The Mediterranean Diet has many other delicious diet options to keep your desired weight when you reach it.