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Earth Songs located in Moyie Springs, Idaho. The band was formed by Arthur Kills Straight Putnam in 1996 to perform and promote Native American Style Flute music in various forms and styles. Over the years they have preformed with many guest artist through out the world, in collaborations of various works.

Earth Songs has an extensive history of performing live at various venues through out the Northwest. Native gatherings, Spiritual training events, schools, encampments, Youth groups and Fairs. Soundtrack for “The Thunder Breeding Hills with Host Gordon Tootoosis aired on APTN in Canada. Also is a valued member of Tribe World Ensemble.

Earth Songs repertoire is a blend of Robert Mirabal and R. Carlos Nakai with influence of Earth Bound Spirituality and our connection to all things in the circle of all creation. With a strong emphasis into the collective togetherness, of all things in nature. With the soothing sound of the Native American Style Flute.

Earth Songs continues to make strides in sharing with as many as possible the meaning of “All My Relations” through the healing sound of the Native American Style Flute. With a positive outlook, to the upcoming events and engagements of their music.

Earth Songs has recorded 5 albums

Wilderness Spirit 1999
Echoes of Nature 2002
Rainbow’s End 2003
Minds Eye 2004
The Circle 2006