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Thank you for getting me up to speed on Spring 4 and Spring Boot so quickly. Your title for the course is accurate. I used this course to better prepare myself for my new job that uses these techs. Before, I only had a cursory understanding of Spring 3, but now I have a better grasp on Spring 4 and the latest techs, using best practices and building a simple but good starter application. Thank you for explaining everything clearly but succinctly and getting me going quickly!

- Jasna Rodulfa Blemberg

I've taken a number of Spring courses. This one packs the greatest amount of content into the shortest amount of time. It's well done and is the course to get into spring quickly. I like that the instructor uses annotations as much as possible, which is the trend of the future. I would love for the instructor to do a follow up class where he goes into more depth on some of the topics.

- Vincent Sharma

The instructor introduce very useful, very up to date Spring /Web development technology. The source file and projects are good reference for my current and future assignment. Highly recommended.

- Phillip Xiao

The approach here is the thing I like the most. It gives you the basic knowledge to start writing spring applications and while doing this, to keep learning on the way. And, on my opinion, being interesting is crucial for sustaining the interest and motivation to learn.

- Ilin Rusev

I had subscribed the other courses of Mr. Sanjay Patel, He is one of the few Authors who addresses the concepts to beginners or learners, Learning a MVC tool like spring requires to start with concepts and Sanjay delivers them very well. I dont use spring at work, but I m confident enough to handle as a team member in any Spring project after taking up this course, thanks again Mr. Sanjay for an exceptional course.

- Jaiyaramakrishnan Mahendran

I didn't know anything about spring, just a bit of Java EE and HTML, and now I think I can develop applications correctly using Spring. I strongly recommend to do this course if you need to start from scratch. I spent just one week doing it and it was enough to have the level to teach myself from now. Thanks so much Sanjay, great course!

- Alberto Domínguez

This was a great course and I'd recommend this to anyone as the first course to take if they are new to learning about Spring Framework. I'm also participating in a number of other courses available on Udemy related to Spring Framework, JPA, and so forth. This is single-handedly the best one for introductory purposes.

- Jack Peterson

I'm on step 21 out of 28 and I must say, that this is the best, clearest and fastest Spring course a money can buy. John Purcell's course is also great, when you want to know exactly how Spring works behind the scenes (lots of XML config and so on), but when you want to catch up PRACTICAL part of Spring, you couldn't find anything better. Once more, worth EVERY money.

- Maciej Szkamruk

I think Sanjay did a really great job of going through real world examples that meant something. It was not all theory and something you had to imagine, he actually shows you how to do things. I felt comfortable enough that at some points of the video I would stop the video and write the code than compare to him. Anyhow, this is definitely for someone who is familiar with Java and familiar with MVC. It will get you up and running fast and enough to where you can start working. You will have to explore the docs for more info as he suggests in the final video.

- Hatem Jaber

Explanation is clear. There are lot of tutorials on spring framework on the internet but most of them are outdated. This tutorial covers the latest version 4.0 in a easy to understand manner.

- Arpan Solanki

I can recommend this course to anyone who wants to get started with Spring within a short time. There are no long and boring explanations of APIs an so on. The expertise of the author is impressive. Everything is presented with a practical approach how to build a Spring 4 Boot application. In each section the application is extended with new features and we go step by step further. At the end we will have a Spring4 application with security, login-handling including forgotten password handling, execution tracing with AOP, transaction handling, GUI and so on. The course is definitely worth the money.

- Tamas Galli

This is a great tutorial and it made me see Spring 4 in a better light. I am familiar with Spring 3 but I couldn't get enough time to really look into Spring 4. The tutorial was easy to follow and it showed how easy it is to quickly become productive with Spring 4 which has simplified a lot of processes from the earlier versions of Spring.

- Francis Phiri


Shall I be a Spring Framework Guru after taking the course?

Not at all. Spring has grown too vast to master that easily.

But, you’ll be coding like an experienced Spring guy, and behave like a real world Spring developer. In fact, you'll will be using the latest best practices that even experienced Spring developers miss.

Also, whenever needed, you’ll be confidently able to explore the Spring documentation or source code, and use the features that your project would require.

Why are you using JSP instead of Thymeleaf?

Although Thymeleaf is technically superior to JSP, we preferred to stick to JSP for this course. Below are a couple of reasons.

First, the world is gradually moving towards isomorphic or rich JavaScript clients, such AngularJS or mobile clients, backed by APIs in the server side. Pure server side templating seems to be fading away gradually. So, we feel that spending your time in learning AngularJS or React will be more important than learning Thymeleaf, which may never get widely adopted.

Secondly, JSP is already familiar to most and is well adopted by the enterprise world. In your company, the chances of you working on a JSP project is much more than that of Thymeleaf. Visit a job site and you'll find that JSP is much more in demand then Thymeleaf.

I know Spring well enough, and am only interested in REST API development, i.e. Module IV. Do I still have to take Module I, II and III?

No need. Module IV can be taken separately.

I've already gone through your older Spring books and tutorials. Should I still take this course?

  1. There are many small but key improvements in module I, II and III. I'd recommend you do through those sometime at ease.
  2. Module IV is the new version of the Spring Framework REST API Development - A Complete Blueprint eBook. But, it has got major changes, and is a video tutorial. So, you should take this even if you gone through the old eBook.

Will I get FREE updates for lifetime?

Minor updates leading to just adding a few videos would be free. But we won't guarantee free updates if a new course is made, replacing the existing videos.


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sanjay-transparent-200x200Sanjay has more than 20 years of programming and leading experience. Since 2009, he is working on Spring Framework fulltime for developing complex applications and microservices for multiple clients. He also leads the development of Spring Lemon.

He is currently the director of naturalprogrammer.com, providing consulting on developing large scale real-world applications. Prior to that, he was a technical lead at RAD Solutions Private Limited, doing research on open source tools, frameworks, patterns and methodologies for rapid application development. Previously, he was a project leader at Cambridge Solutions and an assistant manager at L & T Limited. He is an MCA from Osmania University and a B. Sc. (Physics) from Sambalpur University, India.

He is also the author of many real-world books and tutorials around Spring, with about 40K students at Udemy, YouTube and Gumroad.

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