Improved Sublime Text 2 PHP getter and setter generation – Rob Allen's DevNotes


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As I've been using Sublime Text 2 for all coding for the last year, I've noticed a significant problem with my simple 'getset' snippet that I created last year: it doesn't handle underscores in property names correctly.

I've finally got around to fix it!

As with a lot of editors, Sublime Text supports snippets which are essentially text expansions of a short phrase into more text. This snippet creates a getXxx() and setXxx() method from a property name.

To create a snippet, go to Tools->New Snippet... and replace the code example provided with this:

Save the file as getset.sublime-snippet and you're done.

To use, simply type gs followed by tab and it will automatically expand and you can then type your underscore_separated property name and the correct method names will be created.

Alternatively, select some text and press shift+cmd+p and then type gs to automatically replace the selected text with the get and set methods completed for the text that was selected.

As an example, typing gs {tab} date_last_updated will produce:

I've also updated the snippet in my sublime-akrabat package on github.