Broadcom 7208/7468 compiled and transplant process - Programmer Share


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Get Broadcom software development package file (refsw-YYYYMMDD-PLATFORM.tgz)


Visit the Linux operating system, the establishment of the development directory


cd / root


mkdir Broadcom


cd Broadcom


Broadcom decompression development kit to a backup directory


cd / home / Broadcom


tar xzvf refsw-YYYYMMDD-PLATFORM.tgz

The establishment of a cross-compiler tool

cd / Broadcom

mkdir toolchaincd toolchain

tar xjvf / home/broadcom/crosstools_hf-linux-


Set the cross compiler tool path

vim / etc / profile (add: pathmunge / broadcom/toolchain/crosstools_hf-linux-

. / Etc / profile

which mipsel-uclibc-gcc

Install the kernel and fs source

mkdir-p / broadcom / brcm /

cd / Broadcom / BRCM

tar xjvf / home/broadcom/stblinux-2.6.31-1.2.tar.bz2

tar xjvf / home/broadcom/uclinux-rootfs-2.6.31-1.2.tar.bz2


Compile the kernel and fs

cd / broadcom / brcm / uclinux-rootfs

make defaults-PLATFORMversion

make defaults-7550a0 (example)

make (kernel and fs compiled together to generate

) Make install TFTPDIR = directorymake install TFTPDIR = bcm7580 (compiled files are copied to the TFTP root directory of the bcm7580 folder)

Configuration kernelmake menuconfig-Linux


Configuration busyboxmake menuconfig-busybox


Configuration fsmake menuconfig-uclibc


Configuration vendormake menuconfig-vendor

Compile the kernel

cd / broadcom / brcm / uclinux-rootfs

make vmlinuz-PlatformVersion

make vmlinuz-7550a0 (instance)


Compiled with the file system kernel

cd / broadcom / brcm / uclinux-rootfs

make vmlinuz-initrd-PlatformVersion

make vmlinuz-initrd-7550a0 (instance)


Compile the kernel debug version

cd / broadcom / brcm / uclinux-rootfs

make vmlinuz-PlatformVersion-kgdb

make vmlinuz-7550a0-kgdb (instance)

Compiled set-top box applications

cd / Broadcom /

mkdir SourceDirectorymkdir refsw-20100310.97550 (instances)

tar xzvf refsw-YYMMDD.platform.src.tgz

tar xzvf refsw-20100310.97550.src.tgz

cd sourcedir / BSEAV / app / brutus / build

Vim (to create a script to set the compiler environment variables)


make install

The script must contain the following information:

the The export PVR_SUPPORT = y

The # export Debug = y

The # export STATIC_SETTOPAPI = y

# Export Shareable = n

export LINUX = / broadcom/brcm/stblinux-2.6.31

# Path where the Toolset and Kernel is installed

export PATH = $ PATH :/ broadcom/toolchain/crosstools_hf-linux-

export PLATFORM = 97550 (platform)

the export BCHP_VER = A0 (version)

The burn and installation of the file


When no availability in the memory of the STB

The debugging tools burner need to use BBS_USB - Download bootloader program to the STB designated space


STB bootloader CFE file

(STB Internet access lines, serial cable, open a HyperTerminal or minicom configuration: 115200 8N1) the STB on power-up, press ctrl + C in a HyperTerminal to enter the CFE>


CFE can use the help command to see which commands you can use or how to use


Show devices command to view flash partition


Use programming macprog, or macprog2 command STB mac address

Example: macprog 97405 6 1 macprog2 00-60-6E-70-1D-C6

Check the host TFTP, NFS, and other network services available (Note that the firewall)


Configure the STB Internet (try to make the STB and the host in the same network segment)

ifconfig eth0-auto

ifconfig eth0-addr = xxxx-mask = =

ifconfig eth0-addr = = =


Burn CFE:

flash-noheader host ip: tftp path / file flash.partition

flash-noheader cfe_7405_le.bin flash0.cfe


Burn LOG:

flash-noheader host ip: tftp path / file flash.partition

flash-noheader cfe_7405_le.bin flash0.splash


Burn kernel:

flash-noheader host ip: tftp path / file flash.partition

flash-noheader vmlinuz-7405a0 flash0.kernel

Burn File System:

flash-noheader host ip: tftp path / file flash.partition

flash-noheader ubifs-128k-2048-7550a0.img flash0. avail0


Burn the file system by starting the network

By starting the network kernel and fs:

boot-z-elf host ip: tftp path / file

boot-z-elf vmlinuz-initrd-7405a0

Configure the STB Systems Network:

ifconfig eth0 stb ip netmask

ifconfig eth0 netmask

Burn the file system:

stbutil host ip: path /


select user file system




Configure the boot

setenv-p STARTUP "boot-z-elf flash0.kernel: 'ubi.mtd = rootfs rootfstype = ubifs root = ubi0: rootfs bmem = 64M @ 64M brcmnand.cmd = rescan'"

Installing the STB reference application software

Configure the STB network

ifconfig eth0 stb ip netmask

ifconfig eth0 netmask

Loaded on the STB HOST NFS

mount host ip :/ nfs path / stb path

mount :/ opt / refsw / BSEAV / bin / mnt / nfs


STB software is copied to the file system

mkdir / home / brutus

cd / home / brutus

tar zxvf / mnt / nfs / refsw-yyyymmdd.platform-linux-uclibc.bin.tgz

tar zxvf / mnt/nfs/refsw-20080427.97405-linux-uclibc.bin.tgz

settop install

The settop Brutus - exec


Set the startup script

vi / root / rc.user

Write need to perform the startup script

cd / home / brutus

settop Brutus &


Restart the STB