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I was chatting with an architect, of buildings, this weekend and we had a lot of fun comparing and contrasting our professions and roles in our organizations. During the conversation we both thought it would be interesting to have a conference where we, software developers, could discuss crossover and intersections of other professions on ours. “What can we learn from …?”

I’m envisioning a convention where members of our young profession (what 60 yrs old?, compared to Accounting’s 2000+ years and Architectures s”ince the beginning of buildings”) can hear how people in analogous disciplines have learned to manage their work flow. Perhaps its a multiple day arrangement where each day is devoted to one topic. Or it’s a single day event with a panel of representatives and a developer as moderator. What a cool way to cross pollinate! It would be like alt.next.dc/marvel.crossover! Here are some examples my architect buddy came up with:

What Can We Learn From a Architects? (Hint: Project planning and phasing; Work flow transitions from artistic exploration to production; managing expectations within regulations…)

What Can We Learn From Authors and Creative Writers? (Hint: Keeping track of characters, time lines, story arc, transition schemes…)

What Can We Learn From Graphic Designers? (Hint: How to synthesize the client’s wants and needs; how to manage work flow from a variety of media; how to manage client’s expectations; How to deal with criticism.)

What Can We Learn From Building Contractors? (Hint: How to manage a schedule that involves dozens of contributors; project phasing; budget discipline.)

What Can We Learn From Artists? (Hint: Finding your muse; how to foster creativity in your work flow; understanding how to change your path during a project without losing its overall direction; nurturing both passion and discipline so that one doesn’t trump the other.)

What Can We Learn From Furniture Craftspeople? (Hint: Continuing to expand the mastery of your individual craft as contrasted against convention or tradition; how to balance perfection versus production.)

I’m sure there a hundred others. The trick, of course, is finding experienced people within these trades who could speak to us about our concerns. But I am curious, is this a conference you would want to go to?

Thanks to Agile Badger for the enjoyable thought stuffs,