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Horse commands

Note that a copy of this document exists in the Skyrim\\Data\\Docs folder.

Version: 0.85
Date: 15 October 2017
Author: kuertee


Optional other mods:
  • Simple multiple followers allows you to have more than one follower.
  • FISS allows you to import and export your mod settings to and from an external XML file.


  • Any actors that are a member of the CurrentFollowerFaction will ride available horses.
  • Horses that updates the player's last ridden horse variable (e.g. not stolen horses) will receive the horse behaviours and saddle bag.

Short description

Adds saddlebags, makes horses intelligent (I.e. it stays or follows your depending on your situation.) and allows followers to ride your free horses.

Quick start

It's best to read the HTML version of this document, located in Skyrim\\Data\\Docs folder, because it provides a clickable menu to all the sections.

  • Step 1: Quickly read these 3 sections: "Requirements", above, "Install" (or "Updating") and the "Uninstall" sections, all below.
  • Step 2: Read the "Cheat sheet" section below. And do a very quick read of available configuration settings in the "Configuring the mod" section.
  • Step 3: Play.
  • Step 4 (when something is wrong): Only when you think something is wrong, or when you don't understand how a feature works, should you open this document again. Also search for keywords to quickly "jump" to a possibly relevant section. It's better than reading this from top to bottom.
  • Step 5 (when something is REALLY wrong): If you feel that something is really wrong in your game, read the "Troubleshooting", "Creating a clean save", and "Script logging" sections below. A log of your game session helps in determining the problem and in finding solutions for it.

Updates since last release (0.808)

    0.85, 15 October 2017
  • New feature: Mudcrabs, skeevers, spiders, wolves, bears, horkers, and sabrecats fear horses and riders. Read more in the "Animals fear horse and rider" section.
  • New feature: Shared saddlebags. By default, all following horses "share" the common loot saddlebag and, by extension, the encumbrance is shared amongs all horses. When accessing the saddlebag of one horse, you have access to items in all saddlebags. When you command the horse to "go to ..." from the Horse Command Panel, you can move loot from the common loot saddlebag into the horse's individual saddlebag. Read more in the "Saddlebags" section.
  • New feature: Saddlebag inventory item. Similar to my "Horse Commands" Oblivion mod, after dismounting or after opening the Horse Command Panel, a Saddlebag inventory item will be added to your inventory. After an hour, or when you enter combat, the Saddlebag item will be removed. Click on it from your invetory to access its contents or drop it into another container to move its contents into the container. Read more in the "Saddlebag inventory item" section.
  • New feature: userHorseChargeDistance is used to determine when the horse-charge damage is applied. Tweak this if you find the horse charge is getting applied too far or not at all. Use longer distances if your computer is slow or lower numbers if your computer is fast.
  • Tweak: After buying a horse, the "Horse Command Panel" will automatically open. This allow you to set the horse's combat stance and/or give it a name.
  • Tweak: The "Buy more horses" Dialogue loop has been tweaked. There is now no additional charge for extra horses.
  • Bug fix: Naming horses has been fixed. It's not automatic anymore. To fix horses' names that's been broken by previous version, choose "Replace with new Actor" in the "More options" page of the "Horse Commands Panel".
  • Tweak: Fix base game's bug which moves horses bought in Solitude appear in Riften.
  • Tweak: Better checking of the mod stalling from the MCM.


  1. Simply deactivate and uninstall the previous version then install and activate this version. Note that you do not need to stop the mod in-game. If you do, you will lose your accumulated mod-specific data. Let the new version back-up the data of its old version, clean-up the old data (i.e. zero-out) by stopping itself, restart itself and restore the data of the old version.
  2. After the update is finished, the message "kuHCb v0.85" will appear.
  3. If the MCM fails to start, simply type "startQuest kuHCbxMCMQ" in the console.

Cheat sheet

Key: ")0" - Whistle: when a horse is nearby, commands all horses to stay. When all horses are a far, calls all horses to you. Or returns the horse Track-cam to you.

Key: "O" (for open) - opens the saddlebag while mounted. Or opens the Horse Command Panel when a horse is in your crosshair.

Keys: "y" and "h" controls the horse's speed.

Buy more horses: Simply select "Can I buy a horse?" from the hostler. Try again if the hostler refuses. (It may take a few seconds to process the newly bought horse so that more horses can be bought.)

A drawn weapon while charging deals 25% more damage to the charge - which is calculated by the distance of the charge.

userHorseChargeDistance is used to determine when the horse-charge damage is applied. Tweak this if you find the horse charge is getting applied too far or not at all. Use longer distances if your computer is slow or lower numbers if your computer is fast.

In the MCM, there's a button to teleport horses to your position. This is useful to unstick stuck horses.

This is the horse's Intelligent AI:

  • When you use the whistle when within 500 units distance to any horse, ALL following horses will interpret it as a "stay near this horse" command. Following horses that are a far (e.g. after they flee from a recent combat) will move towards the horse near you and stay.
  • When you use the whistle when no horse is near, ALL following horses will interpret it as a "come here and follow me" command. They will follow you but not get closer than about 500 units distance.
  • If the horses are currently following you but none are within 500 units distance, another whistle call will force them to follow you closer - to within 250 units distance. You can use this "double whistle" command when you're too lazy to walk up that 250 units difference.
  • After fleeing from combat, they will revert to their behaviour before combat started. I.e. if they were following you before combat, they will follow you after combat. If they were in their stay behaviour before combat, they will be in their stay behaviour after combat. Note that sometimes, they may still be skittish from non-engaging enemies. Call them with the whistle. E.g. This is more obvious when wolves "flee" with my other mod, Fight or Fly mod.
  • They automatically stop following you when you start to sneak or when you take out your weapon. Without using the whistle, they should come to you and follow you when you stop sneaking and put your weapon away.
  • All horses stay near your last ridden horse. If they are far from that horse, they will travel to that horse and wait for you to call them. Note: this is separate from their "go to" behaviour when you tell them to go to a town or a custom marker.

Gameplay changes

Adds saddlebags, makes horses intelligent (I.e. it stays or follows your depending on your situation.) and allows followers to ride your free horses.

Intelligent horses

Description: Horses will stop following you in these situations: sneaking, in combat, or when you have a weapon drawn. They will move towards you when you leave any of these situations. If you find yourself more than 10000 distance from the horse (e.g. you exit a dungeon at a different place), the horses will not automatically look for you. You'll have to use the whistle to call them or return where you left them. This will prevent them from trying to reach you when you exit a dungeon at an unreachable place (e.g. a mountain peak). Sometimes horses will get stuck when they try to look for ways to your unreachable place.

Horse command whistle

To use: key-press named userWhistleKey (default = 11, which is the ")0" key)

Suggested player usage: Tag the horse whistle armor item as a Favourite. When required, simply click on it once in the Favourites panel. You can bind it to a number key, if you wish. But that will take up a number best used for spells, weapons, or potions.

Suggested player usage: Using the whistle will focus the 3rd-person camera to a recently deceased horse.

Description: When used when any horse is nearby (within 1000 distant), the whistle command will be interpreted as a Stay command. When used when no horse is nearby, it will be interpreted as a Follow command. The horse will stop fleeing from combat and approach you regardless of any other condition. E.g. even if you are in combat or is sneaking. Note that only horses that are following you will obey this whisle commands.


Cancelled with: key-press named userWhistleKey (default = 11, which is the ")0" key)

Description: When using the whistle to call, the camera will automatically move to and track a called horse or a recently deceased horse. The camera will return to the player after 5 seconds, or when the horse arrives at the player or when the player or the horse enters combat, or when the whistle is used again while the track-camera is active. The whistle is a good way to find recently deceased horses.

Horse Command Panel:

To open: key-press named userSaddlebagKey (default = 24, which is the "O" key, for "open") while a horse is targetted

Alternative method: activate a horse while sneaking

Description: The Horse Command Panel is automatically opened after buying a horse. After that time, it is accessed by pressing O (for "open") while the horse is targetted.

Stay: The stay command will make the horses ignore the behaviour described in "Intelligent horses" section, above, and will not move from its location - even if you call for it with the whistle.

Follow: The follow command will return the behaviour described in "Intelligent horses" section, above, to the horse. It will also start obeying your whistle commands.

Flee from combat, Engage cautiously: will set its Confidence to 0 - making it to always flee from combat. The command Engage cautiously will set its Confidence to 1, allowing it to defend itself.

Go to...: will make the horse go to any of these 5 cities: Markath, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm or a custom marker that you set. Note that it will run to the city. You'll need to catch it if you wish to change your command. It will also start ignoring your whistle commands.

Rename: name the horse by choosing one from a list.

Assign to ...: Assign the horse to a follower. My other mod, Simple Multiple Followers, is required for this feature. Read more in the "Mounted followers" section.

Replace with new: This is used to "fix" horses with "broken" names caused by previous relases. The fix creates a new actor that replaces the old actor. Read more in the "Horse names" section.


To open: key-press named userSaddlebagKey (default = 24, which is the "O" key, for "open") while mounted or from the Horse Command Panel

Optional setting: userSharedSaddlebags (default = True)

Description: Horses that you own get a saddlebag. Access the saddlebags by pressing the userSaddlebagKey while mounted or while a horse is targetted.

By default (as determined by userSharedSaddlebags), all following horses "share" the common loot saddlebag and, by extension, the encumbrance is shared amongs all horses. When accessing the saddlebag of one horse, you have access to items in all saddlebags. When you command the horse to "go to ..." from the Horse Command Panel, you can move loot from the common loot saddlebag into the horse's individual saddlebag.

Saddlebag inventory item

To acquire: After dismounting or after opening the Horse Command Panel, a Saddlebag inventory item will be added to your inventory. After an hour, or when you enter combat, the Saddlebag item will be removed.

To use: Click on it from your invetory or drop it into another container.

Description: The Saddlebag inventory item allows access to the saddlebags while away from the horse. You don't get the encumbrance of the saddlebags but you do lose access to it after an hour or when combat starts. This removes the frustration of trading from saddlebags.

In addition to giving you access to saddlebags away from your horse, when the Saddlebag item is dropped into a container, all the items in the saddlebag are moved into that container. This removes the frustration of dumping loot from saddlebags into your home.

Mounted followers

Description: Horses that are following you will be used by your followers. When used with my other mod, Simple Multiple Followers, you can assign a specific horse to a specific follower by using the Horse Command Panel. Only that follower will use that horse.

Horse charge attacks

To use: sprint at an enemy while mounted

Description: When sprinting, you effect a charge which causes damage (calculated with the distance of the charge) and knockback. Damage is 25% more when you have your weapon out. Note that you do not have to swing your weapon for this bonus damage. You simply need to have your weapon out. If you do swing and hit, you add that damage to the damage caused by the charge attack.

Horse encumbrance

Required setting: userHorseGetsEncumbered = True (default)

Other settings: userHorseEncumberance (default = 300), userHorseGreatEncumberance (default = 450), userHorseMaxEncumberance (default = 500)

Description: The horse can carry 300 units without any ill effects. More than 300, and it will suffer a speed loss of 25%. More than 450, the penalty is 50% speed loss. At 500 or more, the horse will not move.

Animals fear horse and rider

Required setting: userAnimalSmallFleesCharger = True (default) and/or userAnimalMediumFleesCharger = True (default)

Description: When userAnimalSmallFleesCharger is set, skeevers, spiders and wolves flee from horses with riders. When userAnimalMediumFleesCharger is set, bears and sabre cats flee from horses with riders.

Horse speeds

To use: increase speed with the key-press named userIncreaseHorseSpeedKey (default = 21, "Y" key) and decrease speed with userDecreaseHorseSpeedKey (default = 35, "H")

Description: Increase and decrease the horse's speed by 25% increments. Available speeds are: walk (25% normal speed), trot (50%), canter (75%) and gallop (normal speed). Sprinting is available with its normal key, of course.

Horse names

Description: You can rename your horse from the Horse Command Panel. Note that because of the base game's default Alias settings in the Stables Quest, the names of horses that you already own prior to version 0.810 might get corrupted. In version 0.810 and up, the horses are removed from the Stables Quest horse Alias settings which prevents this corruption. Unfortunately, already corrupt horses can only be fixed by choosing "Replace with new" actor from the Horse Command Panel.

Fix corrupt names

For horses with corrupted names, you can force a "refresh" by creating a new horse Actor and substituting it for the previous Actor. The saddlebag items of the previous horse will be transfered to the new horse.

Do this by selecting "Replace with new" in the "More options" page of the Horse Command Panel.

Buying additional horses

Description: After buying a horse, you can buy additional horses. If the hostler refuses, try again after some seconds. (It may take a few seconds to process the newly bought horse so that additional hroses can be bought.)

Configuring the mod

Method 1: SkyUI's MCM
You can configure this mod with SkyUI's MCM.

Method 2: FISS
The SKSE plug-in, FISS (, is required for this. With FISS installed, you can (1) export your settings from the MCM to the XML file, SKSE\\plugins\\FISS\\kuertee\\kuerteeHorseCommands.xml, (2) edit this file outside the game with a text editor, (3) then import it again for any save game.


  1. Use Wrye Bash ( or another mod manger to install this mod. Note that the package is only a normal ZIP file that follow the game's default file structure. If you know the game's mod file structure, install it manually.
  2. Activate the mod.

Starting from a downloaded saved-game

(Thanks to Restutitor Orbis for this suggestion on how to jump-start my mods when playing from a downloaded saved game.)

"Starting another character from a DLed saved game file in Helgen, I came upon an easier solution than warping into the LAL prison cell.
If you have LAL but are starting a character in Helgen, just use a bat file with these 2 console commands or just type them in after the ~:
setstage arthlalstartquest10
setstage arthlalstartquest20This ends the LAL quest and re-enables the MQ101 update that you are supposed to get when you complete your escape, but was initially disabled by LAL.
That way you can do the vanilla MQ without switching to the LAL beginning if you want to."
-Restutitor Orbis


  1. In the console, type {SetPQV kuHCbQ uninstallNow True} (without the brackets). Or with Sky UI's MCM, set the uninstallNow toggle to True then exit the menus.
  2. Wait for a message confirming the uninstallation. Save the game.
  3. Deactivate the mod in your mod manager. If you installed this manually, simply delete all the files you installed.


  • You can reset the mod by setting the resetNow toggle to True then exit the menus in the Troubleshooting section of the MCM.
  • When it resets it will ask you either reset all of its data or continue with the current data. Resetting all its data will remove all your settings and set the mod as if you have first installed it. Continuing with the current data will ensure that your current mod data is restored after the reset.
  • You can check all the mod's data by typing {SQV kuHCbQ} in the console. You can check if your settings were set in the mod properly with this.
  • If you find that resetting and/or uninstalling do not work, the mod may have been stalled. Read the "Creating a clean save" section below on methods on how to fix a stalled mod.

Creating a clean save:

The save file

There's a misconception that "script mods" cannot be removed from a save. This is not true.

In regards to "script mods", the save file contains not only the "full copy" of the script, but all "instances" of the scripts in your game.

The "full copy" of the script will always be in your save file - until the physical file of the script is removed from the Skyrim\Data\Scripts folder. When a save file is loaded, the Papyrus engine will recognise if the script has changed (e.g. when the physical file of the script was update by the mod) and will post a warning to the log. The warning will state which portions of the script have changed and that the game will use the version in the save file. The engine will then run that old version in one iteration. Then will run the new version in subsequent iterations.

Script "instances" are multiple "copies" of the script that have been attached to different entites in the game. E.g. the data of the same script will differ between actors. These instances are not full copies of the script. Instead they are: script intervals and variables that are particular to the entity they've been attached.

Simply deactivating the mod's ESP from the mod manager is not sufficient in creating a clean save. This is because the physical script files will still exist in the Skyrim folder. Although the game will not load the deactivated ESP, the Papyrus engine will still load the scripts from the save file. But because the ESP has been made invalid, Papyrus will (1) fail to inject the scripts variables into the game, and (2) fail to re-establish the scripts' intervals. Papyrus will continually try to run the failed interval over and over again. An invalid script interval will cause problems.

Creating the clean save

To create a clean save, it is important not only to remove the "full copies" of all the mod's scripts, but also to remove the intervals and variables of the scripts' "instances". The easiest way to do this is to (1) deactivate the mod, (2) remove all its files from the Skyrim folder, (3) load a save file, then (4) save.

Every time a save file is loaded, the Papyrus engine will detect and tag scripts that have been made invalid by the removal of its physical file from Skyrim folder. Scripts that have been tagged as invalid will be ignored. All their copies, intervals and variables will be dropped and will not be included in the next save.

Note that although the scripts have been cleaned from your save game, their non-script effects (e.g. Magic Effects) may not have been removed. This is a normal problem in any mod - not only "script mods". It is up to the author of the mod to provide a method to remove these non-script effects from the game. And the removal of these effects need to happen BEFORE the mod is uninstalled. Otherwise, if the mod has been uninstalled before removing it's non-script effects, not only would the control to activate this removal be inaccessible, but the scripts that run this removal would be invalid.

For my mods, I provide the "uninstallNow" button in the Troubleshooting section of the mod's MCM. Clicking on this will remove all non-script effects from all affected entities. Also, it will stop any script intervals in-game (i.e. so that Papyrus doesn't need to tag them as invalid in your next load).

If the mod has completely stalled and the "uninstallNow" button is inaccessible, my mods have an extra precaution of disabling all Magic Effects automatically if the ESP is not loaded. All the Magic Effects of all my mods are only active if a Global Variable located in the mod's ESP exists. If the mod's ESP is not loaded, that Global Variable is not loaded. This causes all Magic Effects to be dispelled.

Note that although invalid scripts and its intervals and variables are not loaded into the game, they will still exist in your save file as NULL (or zero) entries. To remove these zeroed spaces from your save file will require the "Save Game Script Cleaner" tool ( - or something similar. This tool can find these zeroed spaces and remove them, producing a true "clean save".


Below are a set of steps you can follow that produces a clean save, as described above.

  1. If you can, uninstall the mod by clicking on the "uninstallNow" button in the Troubleshooting section of the the MCM. Or from the console by typing {SetPQV kuHCbQ uninstallNow True} - without the curly brackets.
  2. Wait for the mod to confirm the uninstallation. It may take a minute. If no confirmation appears, then simply continue to the next step.
  3. Save the game manually from the console by typing {save uninstalledMod} - without the curly brackets.
  4. Exit the game and uninstall all the mod's files (*.ESP, *.PSC, *.PEX) from the game folders. Make sure that none of the mod's Scripts are left. This is the reason a mod manager is essential. Mod managers can easily uninstall all files that it had installed. I use "Wrye Smash" as my mod manager. My next recommendation is the "Nexus Mod Manager".
  5. Load the "uninstalledMod" save file.
  6. Save the game manually again from the console by typing {save cleanSave} - without the curly brackets. Because all of the mod's files were removed, all of its data will be "zeroed" in this save file.
  7. Use these features (listed below) of the "Save Game Script Cleaner" ( to remove the "zeroed" data physically from your save file:

    1. Open the "cleanSave" file
    2. Fix script instances
    3. Delete all #
    4. Clean other
    5. Del. broken actives
    6. Save the file with "Save as"

  8. Play from this new save file.

Script logging

  • As a last resort, you can enable script logging and investigate the "Documents\\My Games\\Skyrim\\Logs\\Script\\Papyrus.0.log" and/or "Documents\\My Games\\Skyrim\\Logs\\Script\\kuHCb*.log" files. Or send them to me. Contact me first either on TESNexus or the official Bethesda forums.
  • To enable script logging, set bEnableLogging, bEnableTrace and bLoadDebugInformation in the Skyrim.INI file. More information about this is described in this thread in the official Bethesda Creation Kit Forum:
  • Also, you can set mod specific logging by setting debugMode to 10 in either the MCM or in the console by typing {SetPQV kuHCbQ debugMode 10} (without the brackets). Mod specific logs are found in "Documents\\My Games\\Skyrim\\Logs\\Script\\User\\kuHCb*.log".
  • Play the game for 5 minutes or so - enough time for the game to capture logging events.
  • If the "Papyrus.0.log" contain "Suspended stack count is over our warning threshold, dumping stacks:", then your game is suffering very badly. I've written a guide on how to clean your game and recover from this problem in Bethesda's official forums:
  • Feel free to send me (kuertee at gmail dot com) the "Documents\\My Games\\Skyrim\\Logs\\Script\\Papyrus.0.log", "Documents\\My Games\\Skyrim\\Logs\\Script\\User\\kuHCb*.log" to investigate the problem.


    0.808, 29 June 2015:
  • New feature: You can set so that horses automatically stay when you dismount. This is OFF by default. I.e. they will automatically follow you when you dismount.
  • Bug fix: Horse's "Intelligent" AI was broken. They were ignoring the whistle command, not returning to you after you put your weapon away, finish sneaking or after combat. Their dynamic AI is detailed in the Cheat Sheet below.
  • Tweak: Better detection of Fast Travel.
  • Bug fix: Sometimes the items in the saddlebag weren't getting transfered to the dead horse.
  • 0.807, 6 June 2015:
  • New feature: Control using the "y" (increase) and "h" (decrease) keys the speed of your horse. Available speeds are: walk (25%), trot (50%), canter (75%), normal (100%). Of course, the sprint speed is available with its normal key.
  • New feature: Name your horse. Select a name from a given list.
  • New feature: Assign a "Simple Multiple Follower (SMF)" follower to your horse.
  • New feature: Buy more horses. Additional horses from the hostler costs 1500 gold.
  • Tweaks: newly coded features: whistle command, horse AI and horse-follower pairing, better support for SMF.
  • New feature: If userHorseChargeOnlyWithWeapon is True, charge knock-back and damage is applied only when a weapon is out - even if the horse is sprinting.
  • 0.803 fix, 22 April 2015:
  • Bug fix: When you have more followers than horses, a follower will sometimes try to use a horse that was already assigned to another follower.
  • 0.803, 20 April 2015:
  • New feature: Support for Simple Mutliple Followers mod's new looting AI.
  • Bug fix: Previously, followers would get stuck either trying to mount horses or would refuse to dismount. Only a keypress (whistle or command) or a load or save operation would unstick them.
  • Tweak: Having a melee weapon out while charging increases the charge damage by only 25% instead of doubling it as in previous versions.
  • 0.802, 23 January 2015:
  • Bug fix: In this version, saddlebags are hidden containers instead of the horse's actual inventory like in previous versions. In the last version, items were disappearing from the horse's inventory. I'm not sure what changes I made to the code caused this. Also, when these items disappeared, no event was triggered, and so, the horse's encumberance didn't change. I do know that when an actor is reset by the game, all it's inventory is also reset to its default items. Why the game would reset horses in the last version and not in the other versions before, I don't know. With the new version's hidden containers, no items will be lost when the horse is reset by the game.
  • Tweak: The whistle will now call horses if any of them are far from you. In previous versions, the whistle always commands horses to stay if any of the are near you regardless of whether any of them are far from you. When no horses are far from you, the whistle will command your horse to stay.
  • Tweak: Key-press commands responds better in this version. The mod still waits until its next "tick" before processing your key-press, though. The re-organisation of the code for processing horses produces a better response in this version.
  • Bug fix: When the camera is forced on a horse (e.g. when you call it but it is dead), the camera now stays on the horse for 5 seconds, allowing you to find it.
  • Bug fix: The horse track-cam was getting used when moving through a "load" door from an exterior cell to another exterior cell.
  • Bug fix: Follower's horses will stop trying to go to them if they are in beyond a "load" door.
  • 0.8, 9 February 2014:
  • Tweak: Set the mounted follower AI Package to be disabled when the player is in an interior cell.
  • Bug fix: Some followers were still not getting assigned a horse. This generally happened when one of the followers is waiting elsewhere while others after them in the list need a horse. Or when a horse is commaded to stay elsewhere while others after it in the list need a follower. Fixed now.
  • New feature: "Don't use any of my horses, please." and "You can use any spare horse that I have." dialogue options to support custom followers with their own horse-riding script. Note that because the mod doesn't keep track of the follower when they are not following you, you'll need to ask them to stop using your horses when you recruit them.
  • New feature: userEssentialHorses. Default = false. When set, horses are essential and cannot die.
  • Bug fix: The horse-track-cam when calling them didn't work when you're in first-person view. In this version, it is not used unless you're in third-person view.
  • Bug fix: Previously, the horses would forget your command and walk back to their original stables.
  • 0.740, 28 December 2013:
  • New feature: When calling a horse and it is more than 2500 distance away, the camera will be set to it. Set userSetCameraToHorseWhenCalled to False to disable this feature.
  • New feature: userHorseMaxEncumberance default 500. If the horse carries more than this amount in its saddlebag, it won't be able to move.
  • Bug fix: Far away horses were moving away from their player-commanded stay markers.
  • Bug fix: Previously, the player couldn't mount a horse while in combat.
  • Bug fix: Some horses' agression were getting reset at game loads. This is because Agression, Confidence and Assistance are not saved in the saved file for some actors. From this version on, these are automatically restored from the mod's internal data.
  • Tweak: Charging Magic Effect, Spell and Script tweaks.
  • 0.737, 2 August 2013:
  • Tweak: The stay marker of following horses are now moved to the horse when it is teleported near your last ridden horse when you fast travel, move into new Worldspaces or move in and out of interior cells. Previously the markers were not moved with the horse causing, for example, your following horses to stay where they were while your last ridden horse has moved to the stables.
  • New feature: The horses' encumberance is now displayed in their menu. Thanks to WuphonsReach for the suggestion.
  • Returned feature: Sneak-activating a horse now presents it's menu. This was a feature that I deactivate since SKSE was released with OnCrosshairRefChange () function. Reenable it by setting "userSneakActivateEnabled" To True. Thanks to Thingamajig for the request.
  • 0.736, 10 July 2013:
  • New feature: You can now force-teleport your horses to you. However, this is simply meant to be for emergencies and is hidden as an MCM or console feature. In the console type {setpqv kuHCbQ userForceCallFollowingHorsesNow True} without the brackets to teleport all horses that are following you to you. Type {setpqv kuHCBq userForceCallAllHorsesNow True} to teleport all your horses to you. Or simply go to the Troubleshooting section of this mod's MCM and click on the appropriate option.
  • Bug fix: Horses have started to wander off, returning to their original locations, since the last version with the changes to when you fast travel or move in/out of interior cells. I've added a new Procedure to their AI Package to counter this.
  • Bug fix: Some followers, particularly special actors like Katria that follow you in special conditions, were not being removed from the mod's list of current followers - even after they have left. But this could be the case only for these "special" followers like Katria.
  • Tweak: You can now change user settings before the main quest is at stage 5 (e.g. before leaving Helgen).
  • Bug fix: Fixes to the MCM's ping-back code. This will be the last time this bug will resurface - I hope. I found another instance when the RegisterForModEvent () for the ping-back is not registered or loses its registration in the previous version.
  • 0.735, 30 June 2013:
  • Bug fix: Previously, the encumberance check on horses would stop working.
  • Tweak: When you Fast Travel or end-up in a location (e.g. when leaving a dungeon at a different exit) that your last ridden horse is not permitted (e.g. on a mountainous peak), your other horses will not teleport to you anymore. They will always be with your last ridden horse.
  • Tweak: When you Fast Travel or end-up in a location far from your horse (e.g. when leaving a dungeon at a different exit), your horses will automatically get the "temporary" stay command - as if you used the whistle when near one of them. This will prevent them from following you even in places not appropriate for horses - e.g. the vampire castle in Dawnguard.
  • Tweak: Followers are now found by checking if they are a member of the CurrentFollowerFaction. Previously, they were found by checking their IsPlayerTeammate () flag. However, some mods set this to True (for one reason or another) even on NPCs that are not your followers. So my mod would find these NPCs and make them use your horse.
  • Tweak: The main package and the MCM can now be merged manually (with TES5Edit). Removing the reliance on GetFormFromFile () from the MCM discovery code made this possible. In this new version, SendModEvent () is used by the main package and the MCM to "ping" each other.
  • 0.734, 10 April 2013:
  • Tweak: Recompiled the main mod with Skyrim's 1.9 patch and the MCM component with SkyUI's 3.4 patch.
  • Tweak: You don't have to hold down the horse whistle key to use it. You can simply tap it and it will be triggered the next time the mod receives its CPU time slice from the engine. I.e. It is not immediate and it may take a second or two. This lag is intended. Like the Open saddlebag key (or any key presses in all my mods), I didn't want to interrupt the engine with the processes attached to key presses. Intead, I prefer the processes attached to key presses to run when it's the mod's turn to be enacted by the game engine.
  • Bug fix: The game's last ridden horse variable is set to none when you command your last ridden horse to stay. This will prevent that horse from following you when you fast travel.
  • Bug fix: Your followers would sometimes be considered a horse thief which then added to your Horses Stolen statistics - even if all tagged horses and tagged followers are added to Factions and the horse was not stolen. Several versions ago, I removed the forced-set-ownership of horses for possible bugs it may cause. I've returned that with more checks to prevent the bugs that were associated to that old version. Also, forcing ownership of horses will addresses this current version. In this version, only horses with no ownership or with player ownership are temporarily given to the follower riding it. Otherwise, the follower WILL be considered a horse thief.
  • 0.732, 25 February 2013:
  • Tweak: Refined the horse-teleport-to-player feature. This feature activates when the player fast travels or when the horse gets stuck.
  • Tweak: Refined the mount/dismount/npc jump off horse process. In this version, when getting on a horse, the horse and NPC runs towards each other. When within 250 distant, the npcs is teleported to the side of the horse the mount-animation occurs. The NPC then activates the horse. Teleporting the NPC this way stops the occurence of the pathing system taking them a circuitous way around the 3d model bounding boxes of obstancles - resulting in a long process of the NPC mounting the horse that was prevalent in previous versions. When dismounting, the NPC dismounts as normal. If the NPC gets stuck on a horse (which used to happen in previous versions), the NPC then jumps off the horse.
  • Tweak: Refined the AI Packages for horses and mounted NPCs.
  • Tweak: Set the horse's Agression to 0 when commanding it to Flee from combat. Previously, only Confidence was set to 0.
  • Bug fix: Previously, followers who were reserved by a Quest were ignored by the mod preventing some followers to ride your horses.
  • 0.731, 21 February 2013:
  • New feature: With SKSE 1.6.8 beta, the horse menu is accessed by pressing O (for "open") while the horse is targetted (rather than sneak-activating the horse). While riding, the saddlebag can also be accessed by pressing O or by the previous method of pressing the Sneak key. Change this key by setting userSaddlebagKey with the MCM, the console, or INI file.
  • Bug fix: Previously, the horse's Faction and ownership were adjusted to allow followers to mount it. The problem with this is that when the follower dismounted the horse, its ownership didn't return to the original owner. An related bug prevented the follower from riding it after the first time. In this version, the horse's ownership is never adjusted. As previous versions, if you steal a horse, the mod will give it a saddlebag and make its AI start to follow your commands. In this version, the same will happen but followers will be forced to mount it. The unmodded game prevents NPCs from mounting horses that they do not own. In this version of my mod, the NPC follower is forced to Activate the horse for it to mount. With the horse's ownership not adjusted, the follower may get accused of horse stealing.
  • Bug fix: Reprogrammed the horse-follower attachment and AI packages portions of the code. These bugs were fixed: Dismissing the follower sometimes didn't dismiss them, When the horse dies while the follower is riding it, the follower will get bugged, When the follower dies, while riding a horse, the horse will get bugged.
  • <!--
  • New feature: Horses that are following you, including those mounted by your followers, have increased speeds when more than 2500 distant to help them catch up to you. Thanks to Prophesor for the suggestion.-->
  • Bug fix: Previously, when an NPC who is not a teammate rides a horse that the mod has attached to you, that horse's AI will continue to follow you after that NPC has dismounted. In this version, any horse that was ridden by a non-teammate NPC will be removed from your list of owned horses and so it's AI will revert to its original.
  • Bug fix: Previously, horses followed incorrectly or not at all after a teleport (i.e. Fast travel or being moved to another location by script (e.g. horse cart or boat ride)). In this version, horses will be moved to the position of your last ridden horse after a teleport.
  • Bug fix: Previously, when updating, your horse "stay" commands were ignored by the horse AI - even if they are set correctly in their Aliases.
  • Tweak: Better key-presses handler.
  • Tweak: Better handling of While...EndWhile loops when the game first loads or when the mod is uninstalling.
  • Compatibility: Previously, when in a special form (e.g. Vampire Lord or Werewolf), the script failed. It resumed when the player reverts back.
  • 0.727, 16 December 2012:
  • Bug-fix: Rebuilt the charge system. It may have not applied the charge effects (e.g. damage, knockback, etc.) on Actors that have already received it. Also, only actors in front of the horse now gets the charge effect.
  • Bug fix: The "Lost horses" now works. This is a message that notifies you of any horses that has died. It appears when you call them with your whistle.
  • Bug fix: Previously, a dead horse transfers its encumbrance across to a new horse. Fixed in this version.
  • Tweak: Rebuilt the Mounted AI package. In the default game, actors mounting a horse far from them WALK to the horse - regardless of how far the horse may be. And, with my mod including previous versions of it, the horse runs towards the rider. The bug in the default game is that the rider doesn't update his/her AI so he/she will walk to where the horse was - extending the time it takes for a mount. In this version, the rider will not mount a horse unless the horse is within 500 distance from them.
  • Tweak: Removed the internal code for OnMenuMode since it is not required.
  • 0.723, 29 November 2012:
  • Tweak: If you exit a dungeon far from your horse, your horse will not automatically look for you. You'll need to manually call them with the whistle. This prevents them from trying to look for paths to you that don't exist - e.g. when you end up at a peak when exiting a dungeon.
  • Bug-fix: Followers usually got stuck when on a horse when they encounter combat. They stopped following you when this happens. This is fixed in this version. The cause of this is the use of the Condition IsInCombat in the AI Packages. In this version, GetCombatState is used instead.
  • 0.6394, 10 October 2012:
  • New feature: Horse encumbrance. The horse can carry 300 units without any ill effects. More than 300, and it will suffer a speed loss of 25%. More than 450, the penalty is 50% speed loss. These can be configured in the console or in the INI by changing userHorseEncumberance and userHorseGreatEncumberance.
  • Bug-fix: Followers were sticking to you even after you've dismissed them. This version fixes that.
  • Bug-fix: Dogs were still being considered as a ride-capable follower. This version prevents that. However, it seems like Bethesda's native GetIsCreature () is bugged. I've had to use the GetIsVoiceType () and IsCommandedActor () as filters for followers.
  • 0.634, 2 October 2012:
  • New feature: Horse charge attacks: When sprinting, you effect a charge which causes damage and knockback. Damage is doubled when you have your weapon out. Note that you do not have to swing to effect this bonus to normal charging bonus. You simply need to have your weapon out. If you do swing and hit, you add that damage to the damage caused by the charge attack. Followers also have this ability but they don't know how to use it - yet.
  • Bug fix: Followers were not fighting in the previous version, 0.627. Fixed in this version.
  • New feature: You won't lose your previous horses AIs when updating from this version on. Previously, when updating this mod, your horses will forget their given command. From this version onwards, the mod will save a backup of your data before updating itself.
  • 0.627, 25 September 2012:
  • New feature: Quick dismount (i.e. jump-off horse) when in combat or when you have a weapon equipped. It was lucky that my Oblivion method of quick dismounts (to prevent the Oblivion bug of getting your player stuck while dismounting when in combat) works here in Skyrim as well. (Skyrim doesn't have the same bug, of course.) This saved me doing research. :P
  • New feature: A message is shown of how many horses you've lost when you use the whistle.
  • Bug fix: Creature followers (e.g. dogs) will not be registered as a teammate.
  • Tweak: When followers need to ride a horse, they and their horses now meet up instead of the follower getting teleported to their horse.
  • Tweak: Streamlined the code that processes the horses and the code that cleans up dead horses and followers.
  • Read-me update on how to I use the whistle: I use the whistle like this: Tag it as Favourite. When required, I simply click on it once in the Favourites panel. You can bind it to a number key, if you wish. But that will take up a number best used for spells, weapons, or potions.
  • 0.623, 10 July 2012:
  • Tweak: You need to ride on horses for the mod to apply its changes (i.e. AI, saddlebag, etc.) to them. In previous versions, I was trying to detect when it changes its AI to one of the standard Player horse AI. This was too unpredictable.
  • Tweak: Streamlined the detection of key presses.
  • Tweak: Rebuilt the ESP. Its filename and in-game objects are now labelled with "B". You need to uninstall the previous version completely before updating to this version. Read the Updating from previous version below.
  • 0.621, 30 June 2012:
  • Bug fix: Followers weren't getting found by mod, so they weren't hopping on the horses. This version fixes this bug.
  • 0.62, 19 June 2012:
  • Bug fix: The previous version made horses you're not allowed to ride your own. This version reverts that ownership. However, in this version, only horses you have ridden and are not stolen will receive the saddlebag and obey your commands.
  • 0.61, 11 June 2012:
  • New feature: Custom markers. You can set one custom marker. All horses commanded to go to the custom marker will go there.
  • New feature: userSneakKey. Set this to one of these key codes for use as the saddlebag access key while riding.
  • New feature: userWhistleKey. Set this to one of these key codes for use as the trigger for the whistle.
  • New feature: Stay whistle and Call whistle sounds.
  • Bug-fix: Followers shouldn't dismount unless they are nearby.
  • Big-fix: When a horse dies, you'll be able to loot it. Previously, you couldn't.
  • 0.6, 1 June 2012:
  • New feature: You can have multiple horses. Any free horse will be used by your followers. Note that you can only still buy one horse per stable. You need to buy horses from other stables to have more than one horse. (I'm not willing to change any of the vanilla scripts to enable multiple horse purchases per stable. Sorry.)
  • New feature: Go to Markath, Riften, Solitude, Whiterun, Winterhold commands.
  • Tweak: The whistle commands horses to stay if you use it when near a horse (< 1000 distance). When no horses are nearby, it will call them. Note that I've removed how the whistle toggled between stay and come here from the previous versions. It was too ambigious and I was often confused on whether I needed to use it again when no horse came.
  • Tweak: The follow distance of the horse has been increased preventing it from trying to follow you into small places like the Riverwood forge.
  • Tweak: You can access the saddlebag while riding by pressing the CTRL key.
  • Tweak: This mod doesn't bug-out the prologue mission anymore. However, it doesn't actually start in-game until after you escape from Helgen.
  • 0.53, 25 April 2012:
  • New feature: Flee from combat/Engage cautiously commands.
  • New feature: Horse command whistle. When used when your last ridden horse is nearby (within 1000 distant), it will interpret the command as a Stay command. When used when the horse is no where near, the horse will interpret the command as a Come here command. The horse will stop fleeing from combat and approach you regardless of any other condition. E.g. even if you are in combat or is sneaking.
  • Bug-fix: Horses you dismount will always automatically follow you. I.e. If it was issued a Stay command, it will be removed will be removed when you dismount from it.
  • Bug-fix: Other horses will not follow you anymore. Only your last ridden horse was intended to receive the AIs.
  • 0.52, 22 April 2012:
  • Tweak: The mod Actor Events is not required.
  • Bug-fix: Previously, sometimes you can't loot the corpse of your horse. This version fixes that.
  • 0.51, 18 April 2012:
  • Tweak: All horses now have saddlebags. You can access them even if you do not own them. It will be a crime, however.
  • Tweak: Your last ridden horse will now always look for you - regardless of how far you are from it. Previously, the horse needed to be in a location that is loaded in memory.
  • Tweak: Removed the "Cancel" option from the menu.
  • Bug-fix: In the previous version, horses became non-activatable in some instances.


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You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit. I would also like to be contacted when you include this mod in part or in full in a public release.