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November 2016: New Version 2.3.0 Available, new Unicode native build for Windows and Linux built with Qt 5.6 and C++!

Html Bookmark Compare lists and compares two html bookmark files (as defined by firefox) side by side and notes the similarities and the differences in a colored list through the GUI environment. Bookmarks are opened as read only for safety reasons. Html Bookmark Compare can also copy selected data from the bookmarks to the clipboard.

Two versions are available, a Qt compiled (fast) version, no installation needed with portable binary exe files for Windows users and Ruby version which works in all operating systems supporting ruby and ruby gtk2. Both versions support Unicode.

Screenshot of Html Bookmark Compare 2.2.0 (Qt version) in Windows Xp


Windows options:

Unzip all of the contents of the zip file: in a local folder, run bookmarkcompare2.exe

In case you want to run the ruby version in windows you have to install the now really old ruby 1.8.x and ruby-gnome2 0.16. From the downloaded zip file you will have to use rbbc2_4rb18.rb witch is the ruby-gnome2 0.16 compliant version.

Old Screenshot of Html Bookmark Compare 2.1.3 (Ruby version) in Windows 7


Linux/Unix options:

There are two Ruby versions available, one designed to work with recent ruby-gnome2 (rbbc2.rb, tested with latest latest ruby-gnome2 packages) and the second (rbbc2_4rb18.rb) designed to work with ruby-gnome2 0.16 mostly because of the package availability for the Windows platform, works under Linux as well.

The program was firstly written in Visual Basic 6, later it was translated to Ruby language and ruby/gnome2 (GUI) to support Linux platform and Unicode text in the bookmarks. As of 2016, Html Bookmark Compare was rewritten in Qt/C++ for better speed and the possibility of creating simple native binaries, these are way more flexible and there is real cross platform support that comes with Qt, cross platform GUI support in Python and Ruby is unfortunately troublesome.

This is free software!

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