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Today i ordered the first parts for my Gimbal project.

I have ordered Battery, Motors, and Controller, when i receive the parts i can begin to design the frame.
The Gimbal is going the be used with a Sony A6000 Camera.

This is the fist gimbal i ever made so this is Not a how to guide(at least not yet)
I will keep this article updated with parts, video, drawings as the project moves along.

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 20C

The motors is rated to 400-900 Grams so i hope they are powerful enough, my camera is 468 grams with the kit lens, so it should Work.

Turnigy HD 3508 Brushless Gimbal Motor

Poles: 12N14P
KV(RPM/V): 41
Resistance: 13.8 omh
Weight: 78g
Wire: 0.19mm
Termination method: Star
Top holes center to center: 15mm
Bottom mount: M3 19 and 25mm



Technical details:
New version 6.2 board with improved DC/DC converter and better USB Mini-B connector.
Genuine Alexmos/Basecam32 board – Version 6 revison 2 board
Voltage: 3S-6S
Current for each motor: 3A
board dimensions: 50×50
Hole pattern: 45x45mm, M3 holes


I received the first parts for this build, so now i can begin to make the gimbal. I started to assemble the controller, the pins are not soldered to the print so that had to be done.
You can see on picture below what i had to solder – so if you buy this controller you need som basic soldering skills.

Simblebgs Solder point

I had an old Crius Bluetooth module laying around from a previous quad build, so that is why i soldered the UART pins on the board.
It was pretty easy connecting the Bluetooth module to the controller.

5v – 5v

And from there it was possible to configure the module from the Simplebgc Software.


After this i connected my phone to the bluetooth module and downloaded the software from Google Play store, and is working perfectly – In the first try – Yayyy.

Simplebgc accelerometer
This is the external Accelerometer – part of the Controller kit, this has to be placed with the camera.

Basecam32 gimbal controller

Basecam32 gimbal controller

Basecam32 gimbal controller
Here the controller is connected to my phone on bluetooth, and its actually more responsive that i thought, and the refresh rate is pretty good to.
I really like the software this controller uses it seems like it is very well made, but of course i haven’t tested it very thoroughly, because i’m still building my gimbal.

At the moment i am designing and drawing, and I haven’t completely decided how I am going to build it. and which materials i’m going to use.
I think the materials will be a mix between carbon tubes and aluminium, but at the moment i do not have access to a CNC milling machine but it would be so awesome to have that.

This is my drawing of the motors i’m using, just to give you a taste of what i am doing.

The Original for reference.

That is the update for now.


If you have any tips og suggestions to this build please comment, it would be greatly appreciated

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