Website Design Pricing Plans | Sunrise Web Design LLC



Price Varies depending on memory and bandwidth needs.

Most website design or re-designs include domain registration and hosting (billed annually).  However, if you have your own domain you are welcome to stay with your original provider while working with us.  We can also renew the domain or register a new one if needed.

If you have your own hosting provider, you may also stay with them if you wish.  We do encourage our customers to use our hosting so that we can better control updates to the account as well as ensure quality up time and site speeds.


$75.00 per hour (website design and re-designs include an hour for FREE).

If you are designing or re-designing a website through us, you will get an hour of education for FREE.  If you need more than an hour, the cost is $75.00 an hour.

Most people do really well with the hour of education and don't need to go beyond that point however it really depends on your current level of computer education.  Typically if you can run Microsoft Word, I can educate you how to run your website in an hour flat :).

You can always get additional email or phone support if needed.

Content & Website Management

You get total control of your website no matter what package your choose; so you have the freedom to make changes as needed.

In the event you don't want to manage your website and marketing activities, then we quote those costs.  Potential costs can vary between $20 and $100 per month.  This really depends on how many updates, announcements, product additions, changes, etc. you plan on adding to the site.