How To Gift Card Churn Like A Pro – Finding The Best Rate


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Yesterday’s post covered what I think is the best practice for mailing out your gift cards using USPS. For any gift card churner out there, Gift Card Granny is an excellent resource for newbies and experts alike. It lists out all of the public rates that you can sell your gift cards.

The companies they list are:, Gift Card Zen, ABC Gift Cards, Cardpool, Junkcard, and Monster Gift Card.




Of the listed ones, I have only sold on Gift Card Zen and Cardpool. Remember, for your first $1000 in transactions TopCashBack will pay out 4% when you partner with Cardpool.

The biggest downside to Gift Card Granny is their inability to provide a sortable table.

First, you need Google Chrome, then I highly encourage you read this article and download the Scraper extension for Google Chrome.

Once installed, you right click the website and the menu will display “Scrape Similar”


Depending on your initial click your results that you see won’t be the same, but that is OK.

Once you have that box you want to now change the field that is highlighted with //tr[9]/td to this:


And hit the “Scrape” button

Now you will see this:



We are almost there, right now the scrape is still leaving it in one column. To fix that you need to change the XPath.


You need to add all of the rows with this code:


And change the name column that corresponds to the columns found on Gift Card Granny:

Gift Card Zen
ABC Gift Cards
Monster Gift Card

 When completed, it will look like this:

Gift Card


After you have successful scrape, click on the “Export to Google Docs…” button. Now you have the download of all the public rates and you can find the best deal. With this, you are now empowered to search through the sell by rate instead of by vendor. Because of this, you can play around with the math to find out how to take action on gift card churning and to see if a vendor really is a deal.