North Welland Flatwater Community Centre


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Top: Three dragon boats(left), a coaching boat (right) and the view of the canal from the dock. Bottom left: View of the Community Centre from the swimming dock. Bottom middle: The North Welland Community Centre boathouse. Bottom right: View of the dock and canal facing North.
Photos: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013.


Set along the beautiful stretch of the Welland Recreational Waterway, The North Welland Flatwater Community Centre is a great place to spend an afternoon. Bring a picnic to enjoy on the canal bank as you watch rowers glide past. You can go for a swim or rent one of the many watercrafts the community centre has to offer. You can enjoy this beautiful greenspace on your own or with a group of friends or family. 


Photo Gallery

Welcome to the North Welland Flatwater Community Centre. This flatwater is a perfect place for all paddlers and outdoor-lovers alike! Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

Paddles ready! These Dragon Boats are made for teams of 22. Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

Enjoy the calm water of the canal. Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

Built in 2010, the Community Centre is a great addition to the activities that Welland has to offer. Pedal boating, canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding should all be on the agenda! Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

Above is a coach boat - used by watersport coaches to help athletes become great!  Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

The beautiful dock provides maximum accessibility for many paddlers. Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

Grab a kayak and paddle down this beautiful strech of the canal. Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

Enjoy a dip in the canal! Swimmers are always welcome at the Flatwater Community Centre. Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013

Traffic isn't only for the roads, this map can show you how the traffic on the canal works. Photograph by: Tanya Woodhead & Nathan Yee, 2013










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Hours of Operation

May & June Hours

Weekends: 12pm to dusk 

July & August Hours

Weekdays: 12pm to dusk
Weekends: 11am to dusk  

Boat Rentals are closed from September 1 – May 17. Please call to ensure rentals are available.



   The Niagara Region is known for its beauty and small-town feel. We suggest taking your time as you drive past the lovely farmers fields, wineries, and winding roads. The following directions depict our suggestions from both Toronto and Buffalo.


From Toronto:

 From 401 West:

1.    Head onto the 401 West

2.    Keep right to continue on 403 West/Hamilton

            From Gardiner Expressway:

1.    Head onto the Gardiner Expressway West

2.    Merge onto 403 West/Hamilton

3.    Remain on the Queen Elizabeth Way, via 403 West for approximately 21km Keep left, following signs for Niagara/East Hamilton/Fort Erie

4.    After approximately 43km, take exit 57 for Victoria Avenue toward Vineland. Head southward on Victoria Avenue.

5.    Turn eastward (left) on King Street, (after 2km you will pass by Jordan Village a quaint little town with great boutiques and restaurants, see ______ for more information)

6.    Turn southward (right) on Ninth Street

7.    On Pelham Road turn eastward (left) and stay right to immediately head southeast on Wessel Drive

8.    Merge onto Effingham Street

9.    Turn eastward (left) on Roland Road

10.  Turn southward (right) on Merrittville Highway

11.  Continue onto Niagara Street

12. Turn left on Aqueduct Street, heading south

13. Take the 2nd left onto Thorold Road, facing east

14. At the end of the road turn left past the parking area onto the gravel road

15. Follow the gravel road to the North Welland Flatwater Centre on the right

From Niagara Falls:


1.    Head northwest on the Rainbow Bridge toward Falls Avenue, veering right, follow Falls Avenue until you reach Hiram Street on your first right. Turn here and head southeast on Hiram Street until you reach River Road

2.    Turn right heading southwest onto River Road. Continue on River Road which runs along the Niagara River

3.    Merge onto Niagara Parkway. Follow Niagara Parkway. You will pass the Horseshoe Falls on your left. Continue along Niagara Parkway past the Niagara Parks Floral Showcase on your right

4.    Continue on Niagara Parkway through the Dufferin Islands and past Kingsbridge where the road will merge onto Macklem Street heading in a southwest direction

5.    At the end of the road make a left onto Portage Road heading southeast, travel over the bridge and follow the road until you reach Main Street

6.    Turn right onto Main Street heading southwest and follow the road as it merges into Lyons Creek Road/Regional Road 47. Follow The 47 until you reach Montrose Road/Regional Road 98

7.    Turn left onto Montrose Road heading south and follow the road until you reach Schisler Road/Regional Road 27, where you will take a slight right

8. Follow The 27 eastward and contiue straight on to East Main Street/Regional Road 27

9. Follow East Main Street onto West Main Street

10. After crossing the Main Street Bridge, turn right onto Niagara Street heading north

11. Follow Niagara Street north to Thorold Road, turn right heading east

12. At the end of the road turn left past the parking area onto the gravel road

13. Follow the gravel road to the North Welland Flatwater Centre on the right


Please Note: Free parking is avaliable at the North Welland Flatwater Centre. Pleasetake caution as you drive along the gravel road, yielding pedestrians. 


HISTORICAL information

   In 1973, the historical Welland Canal used for shipping traffic was rerouted to the east side of Welland, creating a more direct path. The route is still used today as a part of the St. Lawrence Seaway system.  The stretch of the canal that is no longer used for shipping traffic following the rerouting is now commonly known as the Welland Recreational Waterway.

ECOLOGICAL information

   This scenic 12 km stretch of waterway runs through the heart of the City of Welland.  The stretch of waterway contains more than 1.3 million square metres of calm, clean water, and is surrounded by hundreds of acres of land which is utilized by locals and visitors for recreation and leisure activities.

RECREATIONAL information

   The Welland Canal encompasses 1,000 acres, 24km of walking and biking trails and 12km of waterway and is an incredible national asset. Locals and visitors are able to experience a wide range of leisure and recreational activities in this very unique natural environment tucked within a beautiful urban area. This natural landscape feature is showcased well by the North Welland Flatwater Community Centre. The Community Centre offers a variety of recreational activities for locals and visitors to enjoy, adding on to their experience of the natural elements. Rental programs are available for activities including Pedal Boating, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Stand-Up Paddleboarding.  Swimmers are also always welcome at the Community Centre.

The North Welland Community Centre is also home to The South Niagara Canoe Club which was established in 2008. The club offers
paddling sports including sprint canoe/kayak and dragon boat programs. Programs at the club range from kids fundamental skill summer camps to competitive sprint and dragon boat programs. For more information on these programs please visit .

The Notre Dame Rowing Club also operates out of the Community Centre. For more information on programs please visit

Further Information


Visit the Welland Recrational Canal Corporation Information page:


Visit the South Niagara Canoe Club Webpage (operating out of the Community Centre):