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This page — the first in a planned series about products to help you develop Swing GUIs — lists a few high-quality collections of components that you can use alongside standard Swing components. Many of the suites include utilities to help you write particular kinds of applications. We'll update this article occasionally to add other deserving component suites. Some of the suites we'd like to add in the future are listed in Hans Muller's blog:

And then there were more than 50: More Swing Component Libraries

We haven't used these components ourselves and we've undoubtedly left out some deserving suites, so please post about your experiences with Swing-compatible component suites in the Article Feedback forum:

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General Purpose Component Libraries

Components & Tools for Specialized Applications

Graphs & Diagrams

Date Choosers

General Purpose Component Libraries

ConfigureJ logo

ConfigureJ is a Swing-compatible library for creating user-configurable menus, tool bars, and pop ups. Applications built with ConfigureJ can be reconfigured by end users through direct manipulation of the GUI.

Java platform version: 1.4.1 and 1.4.2

Cost/license: Free to try. For a price list see the purchase page.

Further information: http://www.configurej.com


ILOG logo

ILOG JViews Component Suite is a set of 100% Java components for building visually rich, highly interactive Web-based (applet, application, or servlet) user interfaces. Developers can create very graphical displays that go far beyond simple forms and dialogs, including sophisticated diagrams, map displays, process control screens, Gantt views, and 2D and 3D charts. These components offer the Java developer a combination of features, performance and control to build the most demanding user interface.

Java platform version: 1.3 or 1.4

Cost/license: Free to try after registration

Further information: www.ilog.com/products/jviews


NNL Technology logo

NNL Technology AB produces InfoNode Docking Windows and InfoNode Tabbed Panel. The docking windows framework provides application-specific views that are arranged using split and tab windows inside a root window that can be treated like any JComponent. The tabbed panel and tab components, which are included in both the Docking Windows and Tabbed Panel products, are highly configurable replacements for JTabbedPane.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Free (GPL) or commercial license

Further information: http://www.infonode.net/


JAPISoft logo

JAPISoft provides everything from EditiX, an XML Editor and XSLT Debugger, to most of the components you'd need to build a software engineering tool such as an IDE. Among the Swing parts you'll find on the site are JXMLPad, a Swing component/framework for editing XML/XHTML documents; JDock, a Swing framework for MDI applications that is compatible with standard layout managers; JResourceBrowser, a generalization of JFileChooser; and JFindReplace, a dialog box for finding and replacing text with various options (incremental, regular expression mode, ...) working with standard text components (JTextArea, JEditorPane, ...). Most of the software is available for free evaluation and the sites — www.editix.com, www.japisoft.com, www.swingall.com, www.jxmlpad.com — are packed with screenshots.

Java platform version: 1.4, 1.5

Cost/license: Free to try

Further information: http://www.japisoft.com/buy.html for general purchasing; http://www.jxmlpad.com/buy.html for buying JXMLPad; http://www.swingall.com/buy.html for buying Swing components


Javio logo

Javio has several component products:

  • WEBWINDOW - A pure Java web browser component; an inexpensive alternative to the JEditorPane that can render sophisticated HTML pages. License: based on usage; negotiable.
  • JModeler - A general purpose modeling/flow-charting Java Swing component. JModeler is capable of creating complicated flowcharts within a Java panel. Modeled after the Swing MVC architecture, developers will find JModeler component easy to develop with and user's will find building sophisticated flow-chart like diagrams a simple task. License: annual license fee; unlimited distribution for the rterm of the license; discounts for multi-year licenses.
  • JCollapsableTable - A JTable that allows users to collapse sections of the table's row data. Developers can group sections of the JTable's data and allow those sections to be collapsed or expanded by the user. Cost: $400 for unlimited distribution for a single application.
  • Javio Component Suite - A library of Swing GUI components that can easily and quickly enhance the user experience of your Swing application. Cost: $400 for unlimited distribution for any number of products and unlimited time.
  • JHelpBuilder, JHelpViewer - Respectively, a free WYSIWYG help authoring tool for generating helpsets for JavaHelp 2.x, and a JavaHelp plugin to display HTML using WebWindow HTML renderer. Cost: $500 for unlimited distribution for a year for a single application.

Java platform version: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4

Cost/license: Depends on the product; see above and http://www.javio.com/licensing.html.

Further information: http://www.javio.com


JGoodies logo

JGoodies is a great source of components, layout managers, look and feels, Swing GUI design and implementation advice, and beautiful examples. The JGoodies Swing Suite is a general-purpose collection of Swing-compatible components, including a large collection of prebuilt panels and dialogs. JGoodies is a great way to get started building desktop applications that look good.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Trial downloads available without registration. For a price list, see the Purchase page.

Further information: www.jgoodies.com/products/swingsuite.html


JIDE Software logo

JIDE provides several Swing component suites — including JIDE Docking Framework, JIDE Action Framework, JIDE Components, JIDE Grids, and JIDE Dialogs — and is developing more. All are aimed at making it easier to develop good-looking client-side applications. JIDE components include implementations of dockable windows, drag-n-drop command bars, tabbed document interfaces, wizards, status bars, property table, sortable table, extended versions of JTabbedPane and JSplitPane, several types of choosers and table cell editors (color, date, and so on), and much more.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Free to try after registration

Further information: www.jidesoft.com/products/download.htm


jProductivity logo

jProductivity Components! is a robust collection of sophisticated components for JFC/Swing, including highly customizable general purpose calendar and calculator components.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Free customizable demo application download; for a price list see the purchase page.

Further information: www.jproductivity.com/products/components/components.htm


L2FProd.com logo

The L2FProd.com Common Components project provides common user interface controls that aren't in the standard Swing toolkit. They include a collapsible task panel, a property sheet component, a Windows-style font and directory chooser, an Outlook-like bar, and a button bar. Check out the web started demo.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Free for non-commercial and commercial use; Apache License 2.0.

Further information: http://common.L2FProd.com; source code is hosted at http://l2fprod-common.dev.java.net


Quest Software logo

Quest Software's JClass DesktopViews is an award-winning collection of integrated Java components that helps developers build enterprise-class applications on the client side quickly and cost effectively. Pre-built, pre-tested and of professional quality, these views accelerate development and improve the quality of your code. In addition, the JClass designer allows Java developers to create charts quickly and easily without in depth knowledge of Java APIs. The result? Developers can build better, faster applications and focus on business requirements instead of the "plumbing" aspects of Java applications.

Java platform version: 1.4

Cost/license: Free evaluation at http://www.quest.com/jclass/try.asp. Licensing is per developer; no royalties on distribution.

Further information: http://www.quest.com/jclass/


VLSolutions logo

A company dedicated to Java desktop development, VLSolutions offers product and consulting services. It produces the VLDocking Framework, a library that adds docking features to Swing applications. The VLDocking Framework supports Swing and AWT components, which VLSolutions says makes it the best solution to leverage legacy applications that rely on AWT (native) canvases or to create pure Swing applications with beautiful and productive user interfaces.

Java platform version: 1.4+ (pure Swing); 1.5+ (mixed Swing and AWT components)

Cost/license: Dual licensed: GPL or commercial. Prices vary based on the team size; see purchase page.

Java Web Start demos: Sample forum application, sample AWT application; demo info/images here.

Further information: http://www.vlsolutions.com, online tutorial


ZValley/Wingz logo

ZValley's Wingz product provides components and solutions for Enterprise Application developers that complement the Swing APIs. Wingz is the only framework designed to provide everything you need when creating polished, Internet-based, data-centric, robust GUIs for the Java platform.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: For a price list, see the Purchase page.

Further information: http://www.zvalley.com/


Components & Tools for Specialized Applications


eNGENUITY Technology logo

eNGENUITY's JLOOX is a powerful set of components and tools for the development of high quality visualization applications for the Java(tm) platform. Based on the Java 2D(tm) and JFC/Swing APIs, JLOOX components can be easily deployed in end-user applications, applets and thin-client solutions.

Java platform version: 1.3+

Cost/license: Free to try after registration

Further information: www.engenuitytech.com/products/JLOOX


Ephox logo

Ephox's EditLive! JavaBean is a robust, Word-like, HTML authoring component that can be instantly added to Swing applications. EditLive's powerful editing capabilities include lists, tables, images, and pasting content from other document formats while delivering standards-compliant XHTML documents. EditLive! JavaBean offers greatly improved HTML rendering, comprehensive APIs, and advanced end-user features.

Java platform version: 1.4.2+

Cost/license: Free to try after registration; priced per developer or by OEM licenses

Java Web Start demo: http://www.ephox.com/products/editlivejavabean/demo/

Further information: http://www.ephox.com/products/editlivejavabean/


ICESoft Technologies Inc. logo

ICEsoft is a leading provider of Java Web client technology. ICEsoft currently offers three product solutions:

  • ICEbrowser SDK offers a compliant and configurable Web browser engine that supports JavaScript, applets, and SSL. It implements a proprietary plug-in interface to integrate third-party and custom content handlers (such as JMF, XSL/XSLT, SVG, and PDF).
  • ICEpdf SDK can be used as a standalone PDF document viewer application, an embeddable PDF viewer component, or combined with ICEbrowser SDK for a complete Web-content rendering solution.
  • ICEreader SDK enables developers to render static HTML/XML content in applications where secure or dynamic Web capabilities are not required.

Java platform version:1.1.8 (except ICEpdf), 1.3.x, 1.4.x, 5.0

Cost/license: Free to try after registration

Java Web Start demos: http://www.icesoft.com/demoA.html

Further information: http://www.icesoft.com/products/index.html


Tom Sawyer Software logo

Tom Sawyer Software is a premier provider of high performance data visualization, layout, and analysis systems that enable you to see and interpret complex information to make better decisions. Their flagship product, Tom Sawyer Perspectives, helps build professional web and desktop IT applications that visually reveal dependencies and patterns in data. Whether your data is stored in a database, a Microsoft Excel file, text file, or an XML file, Tom Sawyer Perspectives quickly and easily translates your data into different types of synchronized views. Tom Sawyer Software also produces three other products for the Java platform, including Tom Sawyer Analysis, Tom Sawyer Visualization, and Tom Sawyer Layout.

Java platform version: 1.5+

Cost/license: Free to try after registration

Further information: www.tomsawyer.com/products

Graphs & Diagrams

See Also: ILOG, Quest

jFree logo

JFreeChart is a free class library for generating many kinds of charts, including pie charts, bar charts, line and area charts, combination charts, and Gantt charts. Features of JFreeChart include support for tool tips, zooming, printing, and export to other formats. Complete source code and comprehensive API documentation are included, and a developer guide is available.

Java platform version: 1.2.2+

Cost/license: Free, GNU Lesser General Public License

Further information: www.jfree.org/jfreechart


JGraph logo

JGraph is a powerful, lightweight, feature-rich, thoroughly documented open-source graph component. It is accompanied by JGraphpad, a free diagram editor that offers XML, drag and drop, and more. With the JGraph zoomable component, you can display objects and relations (networks) in any Swing UI. JGraph can also be used on the server side.

Java platform version: 1.3 or 1.4

Cost/license: Free, GNU Lesser General Public License
(Planning to switch to a BSD-style license.)

Further information: www.jgraph.com


Singleton Labs logo

Singleton Labs' MonarchCharts and MonarchGraph libraries are, respectively, a component suite for data visualization and a component library for displaying flowcharts, diagrams, and graph structures. MonarchCharts can easily render business-quality 2D and 3D charts into any Graphics context — whether directly into a Swing or AWT user interface component or as a part of a servlet to create and serve chart images in a web page. Singleton also produces MonarchDate, which provides Swing calendar and date entry components with extended functionality.

Java platform version: 1.1+ (MonarchDate and MonarchCharts); 1.2+ (MonarchGraph)

Cost/license: Free to try

Further information: www.singleton-labs.com

yWorks logo

yWorks' flagship product yFiles is an extensive class library that provides algorithms and components for analyzing, viewing, and automatically laying out graphs, diagrams, and networks. yEd is a powerful and easy to use graph editor application that is based on the yFiles library. It provides access to the various automatic layout algorithms and features available in the library.

Java platform version: 1.3+

Cost/license: Free (yEd), Free to try after registration (yFiles)

Further information: www.yworks.com/products


Date Choosers

See Also: JIDE, Singleton


Java Date Picker logo

Java Date Picker, by Stand By Soft Ltd., is a suite of Microsoft-like Swing components capable of powerful date selection operations. The dates available for selection can be restricted according to a specified pattern. Users can also do single or multiple date selection. The components can be internationalized, have support for mouse and keyboard, and can be used with any look and feel (Metal, Motif, Windows, Aqua, and custom ones).

Java platform version: 1.3+

Cost/license: Trial downloads available without registration. For a price list, see the Purchase page.

Further information: www.javadatepicker.com



Lavantech logo

Lavantech provides general-purpose calendar and clock panels and a customizable Swing date and time chooser. These are JavaBeans components that can be easily installed in IDEs such as NetBeans.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Free to try. For prices and license terms, see the Purchase page.

Further information: http://www.lavantech.com/datetimepicker/


Microba logo

Microba controls is a set of Swing components. Currently it provides date picker and calendar components.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Open source (BSD): free for personal and commercial use.

Further information: http://microba.sf.net/


MiG InfoCom logo

MiG InfoCom AB produces MiG Calendar, a component/framework for building direct manipulation calendar and scheduling applications. The calendar handles date/time interval events (activities, such as a lunch meetings or a scheduled TV shows) and provides a way to visualize and interact with them. Events are loosely based on the iCalendar (RFC 2445) specification, including support for advanced recurrences. A MiG Calendar theme editor application is also included.

Java platform version: 1.4+

Cost/license: Free demos and evaluation pack; for prices and license terms, visit the Online Store.

Java Web Start demo: MiGCalendarDemo

Further information: http://www.migcalendar.com/


Toedter logo

Kai Tödter's JCalendar is a Java date chooser bean for graphically picking a date. JCalendar is composed of several other Java beans: a JDayChooser, a JMonthChooser and a JYearChooser. All these beans have a locale property, provide several icons, and include a property editor so they can easily be used in GUI builders.

Java platform version: 1.2+

Cost/license: Free, GNU Lesser General Public License

Further information: www.toedter.com/en/jcalendar