ALCHEMA: Turn Fruit into Personalized Craft Cider


Risks and challenges

We have been working hard to ensure that the device’s various functions work seamlessly. However, there may still be some unpredictable issues that potentially lead to minor delivery delays. Just like any other mass produced product, we face potential issues during the manufacturing process.

Aside from the manufacturing process itself, we also have to manage packing and logistical issues. We’ve vetted our partners over and over again, and we have an amazing network of other hardware founders to help us if issues arise with fulfillment. However, we are working hard to ensure this doesn’t happen.

At Alchema, we are fully committed to delivering the highest quality product, on time. We will be fully transparent every step of the way to you, our awesome supporters. A big, generous thank you from all of us for helping us bring Alchema to life! Cheers!

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