Oh yes, it's the folks from Morpheus again. They came up with a new product, actually 3 new products in one package. Yes, it's pretty steep in price. Rm35($12) but still there's nothing like this in the market. The wire is great, it's hard, probably around the 26-28awg size. But the beauty about this wire is that it doesn't gunk! A simple dry burn and it's good as new! Wonderful. Next off is the magic wick. Ah, the magic wick is definitely my favourite. It feeds juice like mad! Literally, juice runs up the liquid like a straw. Even better than SS cable in my opinion. SS cable is great, but i think this beats it out the water. Only downside that it's really fragile, not as fragile as ceramic, but still pretty darn fragile. It's like paper, with texture like sandpaper. Anyhow it's still pretty good stuff and I love it! Lastly it's twilled mesh. The boss of Morpheus spent sometime explaining to me what twilled mesh is. I will post a pic down below. It's basically Mesh, but with different criss crossing. Which is supposed to help juice flow and flavour. Yes it's not a HUGE difference but the flavour is definitely cleaner and smoother not like some low quality mesh. Ahemm china mesh *cough*. I got these setup in my Arrow and also my Taifun. Both working like a champ. Especially the Taifun. The flavour is great! I'm been putting my Kayfun's aside now for the Taifun. Very happy with it. Good job Morpheus. This is definitely a revolutionary product. Thumbs up!


+Works Superb!

+New technology never seen before


-Magic mesh breaks easily

-On the expensive side