Samsung CES 2015 Press Conference Live Blog


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05:48PM EST - This concludes the liveblog, thank you for following our coverage.

05:48PM EST - we're also done with appliances

05:47PM EST - We're finally done with TVs

05:46PM EST - Samsung Powerbot is 60x more powerful than most, and you can use a remote to point where to send the vacuum

05:46PM EST - Now more revolution in vacuuming

05:45PM EST - Onto laundry, with active wash which saves time and makes laundry easier by adding a built-in sink

05:44PM EST - Now we're talking about ovens with dual doors which lets you turn one oven into two ovens.

05:42PM EST - I promise I'm not making this up.

05:41PM EST - This is apparently designed to make it easier to tell how hot the stove is.

05:41PM EST - Virtual flame technology will be coming to appliances soon

05:37PM EST - Mobile, TV, and Appliances are Samsung's focus

05:36PM EST - Appliances are next, although I'm not sure this is relevant

05:34PM EST - New omnidirectional speaker to try and achieve both

05:34PM EST - Samsung is trying to get good sound quality and presence

05:32PM EST - Samsung is also trying to expand into audio, with a new audio lab in LA to do R&D

05:31PM EST - Planning to expand games in the smart TV system although it's likely that it'll be more like mobile games than console ones

05:29PM EST - Quick Connect is a new feature which links devices to the TV

05:29PM EST - Smart TVs will be powered by Tizen

05:29PM EST - On to the Smart TV aspect, Samsung usually places mobile SoCs in TVs for this

05:26PM EST - Samsung is focusing on design for TVs, with things like chamfered bezels apparently

05:24PM EST - It's likely that contrast is worse than OLED due to LCD structure.

05:21PM EST - This is being marketed as SUHD, or Super UHD.

05:19PM EST - It's likely that this is traditional LED with QD phosphor layers.

05:19PM EST - Samsung is moving to quantum dots for 4K displays

05:18PM EST - Going text only due to connection issues, apologies for the issues today.

05:16PM EST - Samsung just announced the UHD alliance for standards in the UHD ecosystem

05:14PM EST - EVP of Samsung Electronics USA, Joe Stinziano

05:13PM EST - The Gear VR was interesting at launch but there wasn't much use, this should help somewhat although no price was given?

05:12PM EST - Milk VR is available on Gear VR now for daily content, which could help to make things interesting

05:12PM EST - Milk VR will come to Gear VR as well, and Milk Music will be on PC. Milk VR is basically VR content on a subscription basis?

05:10PM EST - Samsung Milk now has Milk Video for streaming. Milk Music will be on smart TVs as well

05:09PM EST - It's the 850 EVO in a USB enclosure, for what it's worth.

05:08PM EST - Samsung is introducing the Portable SSD T1, smaller than a business card, holds a terrabyte.

05:06PM EST - IoT is up first, up to a third of consumers are interested in smart home tech but less than 2 % adopted

05:06PM EST - Obviously, Apple Watch will change things

05:05PM EST - Samsung is on their third generation of wearables, 60% market share in this space

05:05PM EST - We aren't going to spend much, if any time on home appliances.

05:04PM EST - Home appliances are up next?

05:04PM EST - Market is predicted to grow 4x in TVs

05:04PM EST - Total market share went up 5 points, half of the 4K TVs are curved.

05:03PM EST - TVs up first, aim to deliver 4K to as many people as possible, 60% market share in this area

05:03PM EST - TIm Baxter on stage now, President and COO of Samsung Electronics USA

05:00PM EST - The conference is starting now

04:51PM EST - Okay, the WiFi is already dying here. Hopefully tethering will work better

04:48PM EST - Chris is also here (although through The Wirecutter) so we should have plenty of manpower for this event

04:46PM EST - It's Kristian and Josh here. I'm already seated but Josh will be here in a minute.

04:43PM EST - Testing testing....