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Hi everyone :)

This addon is very small and has one simple thing it does.

It modifies all requests so that they will always load from cache even on reload , revalidate headers or new browser session ,
no calls to the internet is made IF the ressource is in the cache already.

it effectively replaces all 30X requests to 200 cached requests.

new ressources/websites are still loaded from the web :)

This has 3 advantages:
- less bandwidth used

- almost no CDN-tracking anymore, google &co saves its scripts till 2034 in your cache but always revalidastes which makes no sense since the librarys don´t change. when enabled jquery & co will just be read from the cache

- faster pageloads (gain depends on the website , but its quite noticeable)

you have 3 states of the addon which are super easy and quick to switch :)
Click the Addon Button

Turn on forced cache loading for everything BUT html, xhtml,aspx and xml (this ensures that websites are updated for 99% of the web at least)

THIS IS THE STANDARD MODE , i always leave this on and never had problems (people reported problems with flash but i don´t use flash so it doesn´t matter to me) !

MiddleClick or CTRL+LeftClick:
PowerMode ... load everything from cache!
very fast, but forums, live updating sites have might have problems updating their content.
youtube comments don´t update in this mode , but facebook stream and google images works for example. it depends on how the website is made .
very fast for all static sites like wikipedia, mdn or other text based information and all sites with lots of big image elements and stuff,
like a combination of offline mode and online mode. great for working in areas with low internet reception or on the go (train , bus, etc)

disable addon functionality , everything is normal again

the addons speeds up browsing but how much impact it has depends on the website and how its programmed obviously .. a website like youtube is build through php and javasccript in realtime while other have normal html with little javascript ...

To make the best of this addon you could also spice up your cache setting in about:config .
look at the last image , i have chosen quite high values and im still experimenting myself but upping them a littlebit is surely not unhelpfull.
Also its never wrong to use firefox64 and buying lots of ram XD
I also have put the the cache folder to a different drive and set it to 2GB.

try it out especially if your on limited bandwidth or slow ping :)
on android i´m using powermode by default and on pc i use normal mode by default

i combine this addon together with
- ublock origin
- policeman
- decentraleyes
for quickest browsing experience

version 0.0.2
-added adroid support (although android firefox has a similar automatic function build in, you can still enforce cacheloading with this addon)
-toggle the 3 states in the native menu (last pic)


version 0.0.3

for laptop users without middle click can use ctrl-leftclick instead.

i added a fix for a few flash games which had problems , maybe it works maybe not .. to be tested