Asus CES 2015 Press Conference Live Blog


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02:32PM EST - And that's a wrap. On to the next meeting

02:32PM EST - Zenfone Zoom available in Q2 at $399

02:32PM EST - Zenfone 2 available in March at $199

02:31PM EST - Tagline: "See what others can't see"

02:30PM EST - SoC is not mentioned, but it's reasonable to guess the same as Zenfone 2

02:29PM EST - 5.5" 1080p display

02:29PM EST - Plenty of manual controls as well

02:29PM EST - Macro photography mode can go down to 5cm

02:29PM EST - Laser-based auto focusing mechanism

02:28PM EST - OIS present as well

02:28PM EST - 10 element lense set

02:28PM EST - "World's thinnest 3x optical zoom smartphone"

02:28PM EST - 3x optical zoom

02:27PM EST - Zenfone with an even better camera

02:27PM EST - New Product: Asus Zenfone Zoom

02:26PM EST - And of course Android 5.0 with ZenUI

02:26PM EST - LTE Cat 4, dual SIM

02:25PM EST - ZenUI browser to also include Trend Micro service to block potentially threatening websites

02:24PM EST - ZenMotion, SnapView, and more

02:23PM EST - More on the latest version of ZenUI

02:23PM EST - 16mil ZenUI devices sold so far

02:22PM EST - ZenUI, Asus custom skin for Android

02:22PM EST - 60ms response time, calling it "zero lag" input

02:21PM EST - 4GB of RAM, "dual channel"

02:21PM EST - Asus touting performance advantage, though Apple A8 is not mentioned

02:20PM EST - (Z3580 is a quad core 22nm Silvermont)

02:19PM EST - Processor is Atom Z3580

02:18PM EST - Beautification mode is back

02:18PM EST - Asus believes it has an edge here

02:18PM EST - Now discussing HDR photo quality

02:17PM EST - "Pixel merging" technology for low light photos

02:17PM EST - 13Mpix rear camera, f/2.0

02:16PM EST - Available in various back colors

02:15PM EST - 1080p IPS display

02:15PM EST - Slightly curved back, volume control is on the back of the phone

02:15PM EST - Brush metal finish, 3.9mm thick

02:15PM EST - Intel Atom powered

02:14PM EST - New product: Asus Zenfone 2

02:14PM EST - This presentation suddenly got very "two" heavy

02:13PM EST - Shipped 1.5mil ZenPhones per month in Q4 (or 4.5mil for the whole quarter)

02:13PM EST - Discussing the ZenPhone

02:12PM EST - Kirk has left the stage, time for the next product

02:12PM EST - Intel heaping praise on Asus, thanking them

02:11PM EST - Intel isn't holding back. Kirk is comparing Core-M to Qualcomm Snapdragon

02:10PM EST - Now on stage, Kirk Skaugen, SVP and GM of client computing for Intel

02:09PM EST - Asus is making a run at both the ultrabook and tablet markets with these configurations and prices

02:09PM EST - T90: $299

02:09PM EST - T100: $399

02:09PM EST - Prices, T300: $799 for 1440p, $699 for 1080p

02:08PM EST - T90: 8.9", Intel Atom powered

02:08PM EST - T100: 10.1"

02:07PM EST - T300: 12.5", 7.6mm thick, 720g, 1440p or 1080p display, 128GB SSD, Core-M processor, 4 or 8GB RAM

02:07PM EST - 3 sizes

02:06PM EST - Full size keyboard

02:06PM EST - 8 hour battery life

02:06PM EST - Jonney's phrase of the day: "Our Chi is than Air"

02:05PM EST - Discussing color gamut; since it's IPS it's likely full sRGB

02:04PM EST - 2560x1440 IPS display

02:04PM EST - 1.65cm thick, a hair thinner than the Macbook Air

02:03PM EST - x86 powered, runs Windows

02:03PM EST - Chi is a 2-in-1 detachable laptop

02:02PM EST - First product: Asus Transformer Book Chi

02:02PM EST - Asus is starting out with videos

02:02PM EST - Asus chairman Jonney Shih is on stage

02:01PM EST - Ryan is on the keys, Ian on the camera

02:01PM EST - We're here at Asus's 2015 CES press conference

02:01PM EST - Hi guys, we're back with another CES press conference