Introducing AkrabatSession – Rob Allen's DevNotes


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One of the requirements for a new app that I'm writing is that it has a specific session name. In Zend Framework 2, this is done by creating a SessionManager with the correct configuration and then setting the default manager on the Session Container:

Obviously, I need to be able to configure the name (and potentially other session configuration options) from my config/autoload/global.php file and this is a generically useful requirement, so I created the AkrabatSession module.

This is a really simple module that simply allows you to configure the SessionManager with minimal effort:

  1. Install AkrabatSession.
  2. Enable it as the first module in application.config.php
  3. Add the following to your configuration array in global.php:

Further details are in the README file and of course, it's available on Packagist.