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Blood Pressure Kiosk In-Store*

High blood pressure is one of the main risk factors for heart disease, stroke and kidney failure. Small changes in pressure can have a significant impact on life expectancy. A simple and easy way to test your blood pressure is to use our Blood Pressure Kiosk located in store (at no cost).

Ask our Pharmacist for a Blood Pressure Check Card which stores your readings and provides you an average of your last 10 results after each test on a print out. The Blood Pressure Check Card also stores your readings so you are able to view your results online at by using your MyRexall Account. The Rexall Blood Pressure Check Card gives you reliable results for you and your health care provider to make decisions.

*Available at participating Rexall and Rexall Pharma Plus locations. Click here to search for your nearest store.

Blood Pressure Tracker Card

Rexall Blood Pressure Tracker

Investing in a healthy heart doesn't have to be complicated. At Rexall, we offer one-on-one consultation and advice to answer all of your questions, concerns and matters relating to your Heart Health.

Test your blood pressure from the Rexall Blood Pressure Kiosk in-store and view your results online.

  • Register a Blood Pressure Check Card with your Rexall Pharmacist to store your results.
  • Test your blood pressure at the Rexall Blood Pressure Kiosk,
  • Add your Blood Pressure Check Card to your MyRexall Account to view your results.

Our Pharmacist is available to review your blood pressure results with you. Speak with them today about a consultation.

Accessing Your Blood Pressure Results Online with MyRexall

Add your Blood Pressure Check Card Number to your MyRexall Account. After each blood pressure test using the Rexall Blood Pressure Kiosk in-store, you can sign in to view your results.

With the Blood Pressure Tracker Tool in MyRexall, you can:

  • Control and manage a healthy blood pressure by reviewing your readings
  • Print and share your Blood Pressure Readings with your Rexall Pharmacist or physician
  • Receive a reminder notification when to take a blood pressure reading.
  • Access additional health tools such as: Blood Glucose, Cholesterol and BMI Trackers
Have a Blood Pressure Check Card?
Access Your Blood Pressure Results Online with MyRexall. Get Started.

NoticeNotice: We have updated our online Blood Pressure Tracker Tool. If you have previously accessed your Blood Pressure readings on, in order to continue to see your readings you will need to create a MyRexall account and add your card to your Profile.